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Sat 03 January 2015

Yesterday I was tired of watching what was available on my cable. The bowl games were not very interesting and neither were the teams from my point of view. At the time there was very little in the way of movies available on cable or anything else I wanted to watch as far as that goes. So I decided to try my Amazon Firestick to watch a documentary about the recent real estate crash. It was just the thing I needed to watch - something interesting and true.

Then after watching it for a short period of time my screen went blank. I played around with the remote and eventually got the screen back on and was able to continue the documentary at the point I lost it. Then this happened again for no apparent reason. After the third time I decided to figure out what was causing the outage. First I checked the signal strength to the Firestick - it was plenty strong. My Firestick is connected to the same HDMI switch as my Apple TV. Neither of these devices are actually off but rather always on standby. Next I tried disconnecting my Apple TV from the HDMI switch and bingo the picture came back. When I plugged the Apple TV back in I lost the picture again. The issue apparently was the two devices were fighting one another through the HDMI switch. It is a three way switch so I changed the Apple TV port to a different one and it worked fine. The test will be to see if both devices continue to work okay or fight one another.

We've been having some rather unusually bad weather for the last couple of weeks. It happens to be sunny and nice at the moment but there are clouds in the area. For several days in a row it rained and was just gloomy around here. We had high humidity which is unusual for this time of year in Vero. It's not rained hard any day but we've had a constant drizzle just to make things nasty and depressing. I wouldn't want to go to the beach like the folks in the image.

The mystery of the missing tenant next door continues. Now the porch light stays on 24/7 when it used to be on only at night. There is a small table on the deck that's been there for a couple of weeks. I've not seen the tall lean guy who was the tenant nor have I seen anyone else except one college-age person that went in and came right out. The interesting thing is there's no for rent sign up. The lady that owns the building always puts a sign up when there's a vacancy so apparently someone is continuing to pay rent? This whole thing has been rather strange.

My lawn maintenance guy, James, was over here yesterday to work on my lawn. It really didn't need mowing because it hasn't grown much but he mowed it anyway. For the last week or perhaps a little longer my lawn has been covered by leaves falling from the trees around my house - I believe this process has finished because there's no more leaves to fall. I have an automatic irrigation system that waters the lawn on the days, time and length I choose. I've had it set for two days a week to run in the early morning for 15 minutes.

I mention all the rain we've been having so irrigating the yard was not necessary and in fact was too much. The moisture along with the fact the leaves were on top of the grass for a period of time has cause me to have some lawn fungus as illustrated in the image. James called Michael who is the guy that services my lawn once a month with herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer, and anything else it needs. He should be over early next week to spray the lawn and kill the fungus. I want to have a nice green lawn all the time.

Yesterday Starr brought the computer I gave her over for a tuneup. She's had it for a few years now and has done basically nothing. Tuneups don't always work and often take a long time so I decided to reformat the hard drive and install a fresh version of Windows 7. Luckily I found a Windows 7 .iso file that I could burn to a disk which has all the updates through November of this year. After installation I only had to download seven updates instead of 167 like last time. I've got my hands on some AVG Internet Security keys which allegedly are good for several years. That was the security program I installed which is better than any she has used before. The problem as I see it is this better security software will give alerts and Starr won't know what to do. Kaspersky is always given me alerts but I know what to do - this is new territory for her.

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