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More Bowls

Fri 02 January 2015

It's Friday January 2nd and there are four more bowl games today. They include the TAXSLAYER BOWL, VALERO ALAMO BOWL, LOCKHEED MARTIN ARMED FORCES BOWL and TICKETCITY CACTUS BOWL. I simply have to laugh at the name of the first bowl - TaxSlayer Bowl, what a great name. For those who don't know there is a website called TaxSlayer.com which aids individuals in completing tax returns and things of that nature. They specialize in offering potential tax saving ideas. The game itself is between Iowa and Tennessee both with similar records of winning just one or two more games than they lost. Of course I'll switch around to see which if any of the games are interesting to me.

In the playoff games yesterday Alabama loss to Ohio State 42 to 35 and Oregon completely in embarrassed Florida State by beating them 59 to 20. The Alabama game was close and could've gone either way. Florida State lost from the very beginning of the game with mistake after mistake - they must've fumbled the ball six or seven times giving Oregon the opportunity to score and of course they did. While watching the game one wonders why these two teams were on the field together because their talent didn't resemble one another. Oregon State was clearly the superior team.

If you look at Florida State's record during the year you will see they beat six teams by less than a touchdown. The closest game was the Georgia Tech - Florida State game when Florida State pulled it out there a*s at the end to win by two points. After watching both Florida State in Georgia Tech play in bowl games this weekend my biased view is the Georgia Tech has a better football team and would be Florida State two out of three games.

There are other games I enjoyed watching like the Michigan State - Baylor game in which Michigan State a won 42 to 41. Now that's my kind of game.

In our local paper I read Sunday's 83-degree high in Vero Beach was one degree below the national high of 84 set in nearby Melbourne in Brevard County, matching the temperature recorded in San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to the National Weather Service. It was 10 degrees above normal and one degree below the record 84 degrees set in 1981 for that date in Vero Beach. We did not have snow over the Christmas holidays.

you've heard me talk about how much I distrust Google because I think they invade the privacy of people who use their programs. I absolutely love the search engine but not much else beyond that. I use Google voice for texting because I have no other method of texting on my computer - I think there might be other programs available.

The image you see is taken from my Kaspersky security software. You can see I have blocked three Google programs - Google updater, Hangouts plug-in, and Google Chrome preinstall. When I say I've blocked the program I mean they are not able to run on this computer and if a drive - by download is attempted it too will be blocked. I've taken the time to review my Google settings to eliminate all search logs and caching of sites. Of course their cookies are blocked as well. In fact, cookies on all websites are blocked except those I specifically allow by use of a utility on my browser.

I've been doing some testing with my packet sniffer programs and can report it will take me longer to understand them. It is interesting to see what sort of data goes to and from other devices on my network. Clearly the most active devices are my desktop and laptop. I'll go into more detail about this once I learn more and can speak with a bit of understanding.

As I was dictating this post I took a screenshot of the devices on my network. You will note that both my Amazon fire stick and Apple TV are active although they are not on. You can't actually turn them off but only put them into a sleep mode. To completely turn them off your you'd have to unplug. There are other devices on the network that are mine which are off and some simply labeled "network device" which was someone using my network with their laptop or smart phone while visiting me. My router gives me the option of blocking any device all the time or during certain hours. Actually it's a pretty cool router.

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