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Sunday Movie, Bowls & Africa

Sun 28 December 2014

Have any of you folks noticed just how many bowl games are going to be played this season? At one point I think I counted 33 bowl games although it seems like there are more. Somewhere I read that there are three or four new bowl games for the season one of which is the Bitcoin Bowl held in Tampa Florida earlier. Today is Sunday and is the only day without a bowl game until January 6. Last night I watched two bowl games - the Duck Commander Independence Bowl and the Hyundai Sun Bowl. The teams I wanted to win in each bowl Duke and University of Miami lost. The games were high-scoring and close so I did enjoy watching them. Yesterday there were a total of five different bowls and tomorrow there will be three games.

Georgia Tech plays in the Orange bowl on New Year's eve against Mississippi State. The people in Las Vegas all think that Mississippi State will win the game by at least one touchdown. Actually I like it when Georgia Tech is the underdog because I believe they seem to play better. If Georgia Tech's defense can stop Mississippi State's offense I think Georgia Tech has a good chance. Will find out in just a couple of days.

Today I watched a movie called "Tusk" rated a 5.7 by IMDb - anything above 5 is usually OK. The IMDb labeled it a comedy/drama/horror movie - what do you expect with that combination? Well in this case the movie was strange to say the least and I watched about half of it although I thought about turning it off sooner. The movie gods were looking over me and cause the movie to freeze after about a hour. The decision to stop watching it was made for me. I would not recommend you seen the movie - I don't want to even talk about the bizarre plot.

A couple of days ago I talked about the series on MSNBC called "Lock Up". Over the holidays they been running several episodes every night. Last night I watched it a bit and reached the same decision as I had before. The people in lockup were there because they were using drugs/alcohol but for the most part somehow seemed to adapt to the situation. That still is amazing to me but I guess you do what you must to get by.

Yesterday I went into my store room famously known as the Dolphin Room to look for some computer related equipment. I was wondering if I can use a WebCam connected to a router with a USB plug without a computer between the router and the WebCam. I do have a router with which I can test this but after thinking about it I've come to the conclusion it won't work because the drivers needed to operate the WebCam will not be found in the router. Of course I can use and IP cam without a router or computer as long as I can supply it with power. An IP cam would be a much better choice than the USB option but it was just my inquisitive mind wondering what can be done.

While in the Dolphin Room I found some actual prints I brought to Vero from Atlanta which included some of my adventure traveling. I can remember the day so very well when the picture you see was taken in Tanzania on the Serengeti. We arrived at this destination via an old WWII DC - 3 airplane from Nairobi. The pilot had to "buzz the landing area" to scare off the wild creatures grazing just below us. I'm talking about wildebeests and impalas - the pilot got within 50 feet of the ground and of course the creatures scattered in every direction.

That Safari with Wendy was among the top two or three adventure trips in my life. Perhaps my first safari in Africa mainly in Kenya would rank number one with this Safari being number two. I'd have to think about it more but maybe trekking through the Himalaya Mountains or cruising through the Galapagos archipelago might be in second place because this Safari was my second one. If you have one out of the country adventure trip to making in your life my pick would be an African Safari. I can't begin to tell you all the exciting daily adventures we had on this 26 day trip.

For the last couple of days I've been working on the packet sniffing applications I mentioned earlier and a way to block a specific IP on my home network when I'm not using the device to which the IP is assigned. On my next post I'll talk about these exciting discoveries while trying to not put you to sleep.

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