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Day after Christmas

Fri 26 December 2014

On Christmas Eve there was a major traffic jam on 23rd St. just outside of my house. It lasted for the better part of an hour or maybe more late in the afternoon. The image to the left shows the pictures I took both East and West to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. This does happen around here occasionally but usually it is affiliated with a funeral. This I think was just Christmas eve madness. Doesn't bother me because I'm inside where it's warm and I have a big screen TV. I just thought it was rather unusual.

Christmas morning I was invited to have breakfast with J and Kay Evans which I did. K always makes these awesome breakfast dishes and good coffee. We just set around and talked about this and that for couple of hours until they had to go meet someone to pick up a gift for their youngest son Nicholas. It was a used leaf blower for his new house. They tell me that Nicholas is into recycling big-time and therefore many of the things he will be putting in his house will be recycled meeting used elsewhere first. Let me tell you boys and girls that's a great idea because you can spend a lot of money buying new things for your home when it's totally unnecessary. Believe me I am an expert on that after my major remodeling in Atlanta 30 years ago. I bought all new furniture, kitchen appliances and other similar items. They were expensive but many of them are now in my house in Vero.

I've not seen Nicholas' new house which is in the process of being re-modeled. I don't know where it is other than it's in Sebastian somewhere. I know the whole family has been working on it off and on for a few months now and there's still more to do. Maybe one of these days I'll be invited to see it but if not it's not a big deal. Besides you folks know I don't like traveling much and going to Sebastian is a major road trip for me.

There is a series on MSNBC called "Lockup". It is a prison documentary series which airs on MSNBC. The Lockup franchise also includes Lockup: Raw, Lockup: World Tour, Lockup: Extended Stay, Lockup: Special Investigation, and Life After Lockup. The series explores prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations. A typical episode usually follows one or two inmates as they attend disciplinary hearings, receive visits from family, and interact with other inmates. In some episodes, inmates are provided with personal video cameras ("inmate cams") to use in their cells for recording their thoughts.

At first I had a difficult time in watching this for reasons I won't go into now but eventually I did see several programs. Many of the inmates interviewed in the program seem to be very normal except they are incarcerated for some poor judgment/decision they made to get them there.

With out exception every inmate interview was high on alcohol and or drugs when committing the offenses that got them into prison.

Of course I don't know all the details of a inmates history but from just watching the show it seems to me that some sentences being served were extreme relative to the crime. Of course it could be that the inmate had a whole stream of previous crimes but they don't tell you that in the series. Most people don't make wise decisions when they're under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I can speak from personal experience that alcoholics can make decisions they would not make if they were sober.

An other thing I learned in the series is that most inmates had been there before yet continue a behavior which sent them back to prison again. It would seem to me the way to avoid future incarceration would be to avoid mind altering substances which is the source of poor decision-making. Perhaps that's not true in every case but I bet this is the sticks will show it is true in most of the cases when people return to jail or prison.

The series also shows how inmates adapt to their environment in a way I personally can't see it possible. It must, after a few weeks of imprisonment when you conclude you'll be there for a while and therefore should do the best you can for yourself by following the rules and engaging in extracurricular activity were possible. The whole thought gives me the creeps.

Today there are three or four college bowl games on none of which are significant but could offer great games. If two teams with a record of 6 - 5 playing each other and it's a high-scoring close game than in my mind it's a great game no matter what their record may be. I suspect I'll watch parts of all of during the day.

Last evening I had Christmas dinner with the Barnes clan which I've done every year since I've been back to Vero. MaryAnn is a great cook and once again provided a wonderful feast for us all. How can you go wrong serving medium rare beef tenderloin? She also made a variety of dishes including an artichoke dish, a squash dish, mashed potatoes, green bean dish, mushrooms, salad, and probably of the things I've already forgotten. As always I enjoyed myself being surrounded by my extended family. During the dinner I did offer myself up for adoption but unfortunately there were no takers!

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