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Christmas week.

Sun 21 December 2014

Since I woke up this morning I've had a headache. By now you folks know I get these fairly regularly. It got worse as the day progressed but fortunately the medication I have reduces the pain. As I'm sitting here thinking about my headaches I wonder if acupuncture would be beneficial to me? If it would be I certainly wouldn't hesitate to try. Can acupuncture be self administered? Pills are something I would like to eliminate totally and in the future there might be another medication I'd like to try. These headaches are no fun at all but at least I have ways to manage them.

Unfortunately Pirate Bay is still down - my best guess is it will stay down for some time. The alternative sites do have some newer movies and applications but the selection is rather limited compared to Pirate Bay. Many of these less known sites give you a gift when you attempt to download and that is the gift of adware. Fortunately Kaspersky doesn't like adware and blocks the downloads. Kaspersky has gotten so sophisticated that it will block ads appearing on other websites without blocking the whole website. That's rather useful because many people acquired their nasties by simply going to a valid website that unknowingly has evil advertisements on it.

About a month ago I mentioned a new program being released by the people at WinPatrol. It is called WinPrivacy and this morning I received the first link for a download of a WinPrivacy beta version. Reading the issues about this beta version in the email and then investigating what other people say on the forum I've concluded not to download this version but rather wait a few weeks until some of these issues can be resolved. Apparently one of the big issues is the application will not install and a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system which is what I have. So I may not even be able to install it if I wanted to but at the moment I'm not even going to try.

This afternoon I watched the last two episodes of True Detective. This is a HBO series recommended to me a couple of months ago so I downloaded the first season. It started out rather slow in my opinion but I am not disappointed with season one at all. The two main characters were played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson - they did an excellent job in the series. The plot was interesting and a bit off-color but that adds to the mystique of the series. Naturally I decided to download season two except I found season two is still running with several episodes left. When completed I'll download the season to file.

I'm finding that many of the TV series I watch and previously have downloaded are available to me on either Netflix or Amazon free of charge. I can see myself going to one of these sources to watch a series rather than downloading it. I will say however the 1080P downloads I get are superior to the high definition broadcasts. But then again for the most part series broadcast on networks are 720P meaning the only way to get 1080P is from a Blu-Ray disc. The way I watch TV may be evolving right before my eyes.

Speaking of watching TV I've noticed that just about every network will have a marathon on or around Christmas of one of their more popular programs/series. I'll probably be able to overdose on several different series - as of yet I've not identified which programs will be in the marathon. I'll not be bored on Christmas day and especially look forward to having Christmas dinner with all of the Barnes clan including all five siblings along with their wives/girlfriends/fiances. MaryAnn is a fabulous cook and of course I'll enjoy being around the whole crowd. I think all the siblings are in their 30s now but Ty is close to 40 if he's not already there. I'm so very fortunate to have this family adopt me - I'll be the only one there who is not part of the Barnes clan by birth or marriage.

As usual I expect MaryAnn to prepare all kinds of goodies for the dinner. She always has beef tenderloin instead of turkey - how can you possibly go wrong with beef tenderloin? She'll have hors d'oeuvres, drinks and dinner including dessert. I'm thinking about making one of my world-famous key lime pies to bring as an offering. With as many people that will be there I'll probably have to make two times to have enough for this crowd. My belief is that there will be 13 of us not including the rugrats.

The Evans family always graciously invites me to their holiday celebrations as well. They usually have an eclectic crowd of folks joining them. I am bummed out that two young people very dear to me will not be able to attend this year. I'll likely go early in the afternoon then head over to MaryAnn's house around four which will be the beginning of cocktail hour. My guess is for the boys cocktail hour will likely start around noon. If I were still consuming adult beverages, cocktail hour for me would begin whenever I woke up in the morning!

Yesterday I received an email from my personal take baker, Alice. I was stressed to find out that she is sick with a sinus infection. Of course I hope she gets better soon for her sake but also for my sake - you never know when I might need and emergency cake baked!!

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