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Movie - Bowl Games

Sat 20 December 2014

This morning I was awakened by a knock at my door. It was my regular post man making a delivery from Amazon. Now days Amazon uses carriers like UPS to get packages in a general area and then turn them over to the USPS for final delivery. Whatever they're doing is working well as I am getting all my deliveries within two days or even less.

The movie I watch was called "Behind Enemy Lines" starring Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson - anything Gene Hackman is in I almost always like. Over the years he has been one of my very favorite actors along with other old timer tough actors like Clint Eastwood. The story took place during the Bosnian war about a Navy navigator who is shot down over enemy territory and is ruthlessly pursued by a secret police enforcer and the opposing troops. Meanwhile his commanding officer goes against orders in an attempt to rescue him. He gets rescued of course. What I particularly like about the movie was the several scenes containing F-18A Horrents - ever since I saw the Blue Angels this past summer I get a thrill out of watching them fly. The movie was decent and I'd watch it again.

This past week there was a meth lab bust here in Vero. Krystal Adkins, 32, of the 1800 block of 49th Avenue was charged with possession and manufacturing of methamphetamine. It looks to me like she's been sampling her own product for good length of time don't you think? Long time use of methamphetamines can rot your teeth out, cause you to lose weight and create sores all over your body. What a lovely thought - with all those great results why shouldn't all of us try it? Her bail was set at $70,000.

Unfortunately college football season is about over. Today there are four bowl games starting at noon and continuing back-to-back until the last is finished. Some of the bowls of never even heard of before. They are the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl, Gildan New Mexico Bowl, Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl and Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. If the games fall into the category of the type of games I like to watch then I really don't much care who's playing. My type of game is high-scoring, the lead changes hands during the game, the score remains close most of the time and there are some rather outstanding plays. Georgia Tech will play Mississippi State in the Orange bowl on New Year's eve. Between now and then there are 19 other bowl games. Often when the cameras scan the stadiums you'll notice some are only half full. I remember going to the very first Peach Bowl in Atlanta when the stadium was only a third full. I also remember the temperature was in the 30s with a nasty wind making it feel a lot colder. Since then the Peach Bowl has become one of the more famous bowls.

I mentioned this before - recently I've been noticing that I can order a product from Amazon and have it delivered to my doorstep in two days or less while paying less for it than if I were to purchase the same product at Walmart or Sam's Club. Surprisingly this is also true of litter which weighs a lot. I can get a 28 pound box delivered to my door for $17 which is less than the cost of the box at Walmart before taxes. Is Amazon making any money? How?

Many times over the past I've talked about phishing emails and how good they have become. Here are screenshots of just two of the most recent emails I receive. I think the one about checking my Walmart order was rather clever - lots of people shop at Walmart. The other one from Wells Fargo was easy to figure out because I don't have a Wells Fargo account! I wonder what percentage of the people who receive emails of this nature actually respond by clicking on the link which I'm sure requires input of secure information? I hope the text is large enough for you to read it.

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