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Wed 17 December 2014

Most of you folks know how much I dislike the necessities of having to leave my house. Perhaps that's a reason why I still have gas left in my tank when the last time I filled it was on June 11. Recently I've done some research comparing prices at Walmart to Amazon. In many cases the prices I found for items at Amazon cost less than the same item at Walmart including Amazon's delivery of the product to my front door in two days or less. Except for doctors visits I could probably arrange to have everything delivered to me without leaving my house. I'm trying to do my part in reduce carbon emissions by driving as little as possible. The other advantage to driving as little as possible is the good people of Vero beach are safer when I'm not on the road especially at night! So when I make out my shopping list I'll compare prices at Walmart to those at Amazon to see if it is more cost efficient to order from Amazon. Of course Publix is almost always higher but I like going there.

Speaking of Amazon, I now have my new Fire Stick connected to my entertainment center. The HDMI switch I ordered arrived today and I'm using it to connect either my Apple TV or the Amazon Fire Stick to my surround sound amplifier. The switching device has a plug for a DC power supply - the power supply did not come with the switch as I thought. The good news is the switch works perfectly fine without separate power. The remote control for the switch uses IF which means the receiver must be in my line of sight and close to me. Fortunately the switch did come with an IF receiver which I attached to the outside of my cabinet full of electronic gear. As long as it works from my bedroom chair everything is good. It does work with smooth switching and there seems to be no loss in quality of the signal to the receiver. I still have one more HDMI port in the switch which is unused at the moment. Just wait I'll find something.

The weather in Vero today is exceptionally nice. There is not a cloud in the sky and the temperatures are moderate. I was reminded of the nice days we used to have in the Florida Keys so I looked at some pictures. For your viewing pleasure you'll see a picture of John and me after a lobster hunt several years ago. For those who don't know, John is Starr's oldest son who hopes to get into law school after graduating from FSU recently.

Walt came by yesterday to pick up the two laptops I upgraded for him. One I simply set back to the factory settings while the other I installed Windows 7 ultimate. This was Walt's computer and even after cleaning it up he still thought it was slow which from my point of view I can confirm it was slow. In my view he needed a SSD to make it a sweet laptop. He agreed so I ordered an Intel 120GB series 520 - I have the same Intel SSD in my personal laptop. There was one heck of a sale on just the hard drive at Amazon so we ordered one yesterday - it will be here tomorrow. The SSD was on sale for only $75 which is a bargain for that particular Intel model. Of course that means I'll have to install an operating system again along with some programs which I just got through doing on his old hard drive. Hopefully it will go faster now that it is a SSD drive. That's one of the projects I have for tomorrow.

As I mentioned before Pirate Bay is down. There is a Pirate Bay clone established by one of the other torrent sites to keep things going. Somehow they had the complete database for Pirate Bay so anything that was there before it was shut down is still there. I have downloaded from this site with success and safety. I've looked at other torrent sites and almost without exception you get a bonus when you download a torrent - the bonus is malware used to provide advertisements. Of course my Kaspersky immediately stop any potential unwanted download and I could look in the Kaspersky logs to identify which adware was being stopped. I have to tell you I'm more and more impressed with Kaspersky as I learn more about what it can and in fact does due to protect me. It's simply the best.

This morning I turned on my VPN but it would not connect to a server. I tried several different servers both in the United States and other countries all of which failed. Then later I couldn't even long into my VPN. Of course I fired off an email wanting to know what was going on and within an hour I received an email back saying everything is up and running now. There were some sort of glitch at Astrill - at least it wasn't my program on my computer. Their email said, "There was a short outage caused by some problems with our API servers. This is resolved now. We apologize for the inconvenience." I wanted to download "Tusk".

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