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Tue 16 December 2014

Every day I checked the Coinbase.com website for the most current news on Bitcoin. There is always some positive news on the website although the exchange rate of Bitcoin has been lower than I would like - it has been in the $370 range but today is down to $345. The headline on the website today was,"Time Inc Becomes First Major Magazine Publisher to Accept Bitcoin". More and more mainstream companies are accepting Bitcoin as payment for their products and services. The image to the left is what you will see on the checkout page of Time magazine. More and more financial institutions and professional talking heads have stated that Bitcoin is here to stay. I have not bought nor sold any of the coins I have - I plan to wait until the exchange rate gets a good bit higher.

This morning I installed a new Belkin 12 outlet surge protector for my entertainment center. The previous surge protector strip I had could only accommodate six outlets so the upgrade and expansion was a necessity from my point of view. Of course the Belkin strip is plugged into my backup power supply which will keep everything plugged into it running when I lose power. Here in the city limits of Vero Beach where I live power goes out frequently but usually only for a second or two. The only way I know the power goes out is because I hear the several power backup supplies I have come on for a second or two. Yesterday was one of those days where I lost power for about two seconds. My view is back up power supplies are a necessity for electronic equipment. I have four of these devices ranging from 450 W up to 1350 W - the latter is for my computer.

The new Amazon Fire Stick says it will run off the power provided by the HDMI connection but in my case that is not true. Fortunately it comes with a DC power supply which makes the device runs smoothly. Now my issue is my surroundsound amplifier only has three HDMI input ports and now I need another one for the Fire Stick. So I found a HDMI three way switch I plan to try by connecting my Apple TV and the Fire Stick into the switch with one outgoing HDMI cord going to my amplifier. The literature on most switches say power supplies are not necessary because the HDMI cord will supply the DC current necessary. I didn't buy that so I bought a switch that comes with a DC power supply and a remote control. Just what I need - yet another remote control! I ordered the Belkin strip yesterday and received it this morning; the HDMI switch should arrive tomorrow morning. Amazing shipping service for this time of the year.

Many of you have not seen the Vero Villa before I completed the major upgrading of everything inside and installed landscaping on the outside. These pictures are the before and after look of the south side of my house. They were taken from different angles but show the same side of the house. Notice any difference? Now you can see just how much effort I put in designing and installing my landscaping. Actually Walter did the installation but I chose the plants and layout design.

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