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Fire Stick

Sun 14 December 2014

Yesterday I received my Fire Stick from Amazon - just like Amazon TV only much smaller. It is a device about 20% larger than a USB flash drive but has a HDMI male connector. There is also a small plug on the side of the vice where you can plug in a power supply. The very abbreviated manual included in the device box said better results will come from using the power supply. I found that without the power supply I get no results at all!

To tested I connected it to the 24 inch HD monitor I keep in my closet to hook up to computers on which I work or in this case to test the Fire Stick. Once connected to a power supply it did launch the initial setup but because I already registered in my Amazon Prime account I really didn't need to do anything except connected to my wireless network. I first tried my guest network with total failure because there was no way to input a password. I then tried my home network and was able to login without a problem.

The remote control is about the size of the Apple TV remote - in another words it is small. I was able to see the venue that was available and tried several different video options but I could not connect to any that I tried. I was looking for free video options but the Fire Stick does not indicate if they video is free or if there is a charge. Of course I have not read the online manual which will probably explain all this to me - I just don't like reading manuals. What I did discover is I can go to my online Amazon Prime account and select movies that were free then add them to my wish list. My wish list immediately appeared on my Fire Stick and I could click on the movies I selected and watch them for free. Actually this is probably a better solution for me because I can take my time online reviewing the videos and then just placing them in my wish list. I did not try any of the other services available because most of them require a subscription. The next big thing is to see how I can connected to my big-screen television - maybe I'll try later today.

Late yesterday afternoon I managed to work up one of the worst migraines I've had in a long time. It took more medication than usual to reduce the headache but I was successful. The thing is I don't like using much medication at all especially the ones that can be addictive. I'm sure you can understand my view on that.

Yesterday Lance's mother, Kay, came by with her laptop because her free AVG program had expired and she thought she was without protection. Actually when a antivirus program subscription expires the program continues to work it just does not update anymore. Before she came by her youngest son Nicholas said I needed to reformat the hard drive because it took five minutes for Chrome to open. He was just simply wrong! Both browsers open almost immediately as well as the limited programs on the computer itself. All I needed to do was to put a new license key in for AVG Internet security.

At first my plans were to uninstall the free AVG program and then install Kaspersky - I have real licenses for Kaspersky. Before I did that I checked the Internet and what ever I "Googled" took me to a page that had a list of 10 keys for AVG that are allegedly valid through February, 2018. Because I did not have to download a program I did not see any risk in trying a key. Bingo - the keywords and now she has a fully licensed AVG program.

Unfortunately Pirate Bay is still down but the good news is there are a couple of Pirate Bay spinoffs that are up and running. I tested one yesterday and it worked perfectly well just like the Pirate Bay. It had the same torrents, search engine, up loaders and was hard to tell it wasn't the real thing. Heck, it might become the real thing for me. Anyway I plan on watching a movie or two I downloaded this Sunday afternoon when I can finally take my mind off of their issues.

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