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Pirate Bay Down!

Thu 11 December 2014

I am in told shock and horrified because my favorite movie venue is GONE! For many years The Pirate Bay has been sailing by the seat of its pants so any downtime is met with concern from its millions of users.

Tuesday morning, for the first time in months, The Pirate Bay disappeared offline. A number of concerned users emailed TF for information but at that point technical issues seemed the most likely culprit. However, over in Sweden authorities have just confirmed that local police carried out a raid in Stockholm this morning as part of an operation to protect intellectual property.

Does this mean that Pirate Bay is gone forever? My guess is probably not - when there is a void usually someone rushes in to fill it. There is already talk about new Pirate Bay sites starting up in different parts of the world. The authority for torrent sites is a blog called "Torrent Freak" and this morning the main article gives hope that Pirate Bay will be recessitated. There is already a site that looks like Pirate Bay that is online now except it has no data at least not yet. Of course there are many other torrent sites but none as reliable and with as much variety as Pirate Bay. I'm rather depressed about all this.

Earlier this week my landscape guy dropped two laptops off for cleaning and/or update. One of the laptops was used for the kids in the family so all I did was to restore it to its original factory settings. That worked just fine but it will need updating and probably some software not included in the original factory image.

The other laptop was Walt's personal laptop he infrequently uses but needs all the same. Most of his work is done on a new desktop I assembled for him earlier this year. By the way he loves the desktop I put together for him. This laptop is old and slow as laptops tend to get after years of use. It even had Windows Vista installed on it. The first thing I did was offload his 22 GB of iTunes music and backup data for his Blackberry then I reformat the hard drive and installed Windows 7 ultimate. This installation took hours part of which was installing the operating system itself and at least two hours of updates. Then of course I had to install programs I know he needed and transfer his music back to this computer. Both laptops are good to go.

My friend Marilynn in Atlanta has a website Lance and I built for her called SpecSolutions.net. Because lances is on the West Coast now any updates she needs I've been doing for some time. This week I added five or six new pages and removed two old pages. I like the site but I don't like the fact that plays music when you first open the webpage or at least it does on many computers. I have code like that blocks so it does not play music on my computers. Have a look.

It is safe to go back to the updating ccleaner version 5. In version 5 you can turn off the monitoring by simply unchecking the activation on one page. For the first time in forever it has a new GUI (graphic user interface). I've not investigated it thoroughly to know if there are other advances but I still think it's a great program for cleaning temporary files and trash that accumulates on a computer.

Remember I mentioned that the kid next door in the upstairs apartment had someone banging on his door late one Saturday night and the police showed up the next morning? The apartment has been dark until yesterday when the porch light came on again and I saw one young guy walk in and almost immediately walked out - he was not the tenant. Since then I've not seen any other activity so I have no idea what's going on yet.

This morning was the coldest morning we've had in Vero since last winter. It was in the 40s here and won't get higher than the 60s during the day. Fortunately the wind is not blowing and there is a clear bright sunny day. Often we would call this a "Chamber of Commerce day".

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