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GT loss - Just Damn!

Sun 07 December 2014

As you probably have heard by now Georgia Tech loss to FSU last night in the ACC championship game by score of 37 - 35. What might surprise you is that I did not watch the game because I did not want the stress and anxiety I knew I would experience. I always know that I can watch the replay if I want to - I'm not sure I will yet. At this point I cannot tell you that Georgia Tech made a lot of mistakes or didn't play as well as I know they can. The bottom line is that FSU won. It is interesting to note that the three games Georgia Tech loss this year they lost by a total of just six points. That is a pretty impressive record in my opinion and I'm proud of the way the Georgia Tech team played this year. Of course they will go to a bowl game yet to be determined.

This morning I spent about 2 1/2 hours watching the Palladia music video channel on my cable. It seemed the thing to do for relaxation and enjoyment after the disappointing loss last night. The music videos played this morning were all pretty darn good - most of them used acoustical instruments and I can understand the words! Then I watched a few OAR videos I have on my computer. I have downloaded a complete Jason Mraz live from Korea concert video so I might just watch that this afternoon.

This past week on the FOX business news channel they have been talking about this large black man who was killed during an arrest attempt for selling individual cigarettes on the street. It would have been his 11th arrest for the same charge. So how can someone make money selling individual cigarettes on the street? It turns out that a pack of cigarettes in New York City cost $12.50 and if he sold each cigarette for a dollar he could make about eight dollars a pack. Can you imagine? I'm so old I can remember when cigarettes were $.30 a pack although I did not smoke. Of course most of the cost of the cigarettes are New York taxes.

In my last post I talked about a new program called WinPrivacy soon to be released by the people who developed the WinPatrol program I've been using for years. If you want to know more about the new program click on the image and it should take you to another page.

I'm not sure why I've become even more interested than ever in privacy. Maybe it was reading about Canvas Fingerprinting that has inspired me? Yesterday I use my Kaspersky Internet security suite to make some detailed adjustments. In the firewall section I've blocked Internet access to all Google programs. I double checked my browsers to make sure Java has been disabled. I blocked some programs from running at all unless at some point I choose to use one of them. When I did a full scan with Kaspersky eight unwanted objects were found in a Chrome folder inside a Google folder which was stored on my 2 TB "C" drive which I used mostly for storage. It has an operating system on it and I can boot from it any time I want to but I choose to boot from my "J" drive which is my solid-state hard drive.

After some research I discovered a program that will monitor all the devices on my home network and tell me which ones are connected to the Internet, what IP they are connected to, and capture the "packets" going to and from each device. When I finally received the Amazon echo device next year all be able to monitor its Internet activity when it's supposed to be off. This should be an interesting experiment them to think?

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