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College Football Rankings

Thu 04 December 2014

There is one more week until we know exactly who will play in the College Football Playoff, but a lot can change between now and then.

The committee has released its penultimate rankings. The Top Four teams are the ones who would compete in the semifinals if the season ended today. However, we know better than to assume the favorites will win in college football.

After a season full of crazy upsets and surprising results, we should prepare ourselves for more twists and turns during championship weekend. Above is a full look at the latest rankings - hopefully GT can mess-up FSU's chances.

Jerry Hinnen of CBS Sports said this:

"Florida State has flirted with disaster all season long against a whole series of teams that aren't as good as Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets' two losses - to Duke and North Carolina - were by a combined 11 points. They won every other ACC game by double digits.

I think it's going to be another come-down-to-the-wire kind of thing. At this point, honestly, I think Georgia Tech pulls the upset. If you're Florida State, you can't just keep doing this game after game after game and expect to come through it unscathed. I think Georgia Tech gets them."

You can rest assured I hope he's right!

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