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Thu 04 December 2014

With a serious migraine attack around midday on Thursday I decided to take the necessary medication with the intent of kicking back and watching a good movie. I succeeded in killing the migraine with the medication and I also succeeded in kicking back but the movie I picked was a real flop as far as I'm concerned. It was called "Guardians of the Galaxy"and was rated 8.4 on IMDB which gave me great hope that it would be a good movie. WRONG! It was full of special effects with a lot of razzle dazzle but the plot of the movie and the movie it self really didn't deserve a grating above two or three on IMBD in my opinion. It just wasn't any good! I usually like high-tech science fiction movies but this certainly was not one of them. I can guarantee you one thing, I'll never watch this one again.

On a different subject I did a routine scan with MalwareBytes on my main XPS computer and to my surprise he found a "conduit" registry entry. The program suggested it was of little risk but I know differently. Conduit is one of the major nasty malware software that can invade your computer. Some versions are worse than others but any version at all is not good. Of course I pulled it out by the roots from my registry - I hope they got it all. This damn malware often comes along with seemingly "normal" updates on programs that are otherwise trustworthy. It really irks me when you get a Java or or even a flash player update. Often it depends on what site you use to download the updates because some are cleaner than others.

I've noticed my fast XPS Dell computer has become a tiny bit slower to open programs than it used to be. Certainly that can be attributed to all the programs I've added to the operating system since I've had it for almost 2 years now. If it were such a pain in the rear and I reformat my solid-state hard drive then reinstall the Windows 7 operating system I'm currently using. I haven't done this because I recognize that soon I'll be having to move to a newer operating system probably skipping Windows 8 altogether and going to Windows 10. I don't see that happening real soon but there are copies of Windows 10 available for testing and I have access to those copies.

We had a cold front moved in and the temperature dropped into the 50s overnight. It was windy and damp both of which are good reasons to stay inside. Fortunately I am well stocked and there was no need to make a run to Publix at least not yet. I'm also working on two different projects at the moment each of which could take all day if I'm not careful. One has to do with helping Nicholas with a new website and the other with my interest in using a high gain network adapter mounted somewhere outside. I've not checked it yet but I'm pretty sure there will be several Xfinity hotspots within range of my antenna. Today I should get the hardware I wanted to help set up a test to see just how far I can receive stations.

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