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Tue 02 December 2014

Something weird happened this afternoon. Most of you folks know I have a call blocking device on my phone to block telemarketers and others whom I do not wish to talk. This time it was one of those telemarketers trying to get me to consolidate my credit card balances to one new credit card. The truth is I do not have any credit card balance on my two cards nor do I keep a balance at any time. I frequently paid these credit card balances on a daily basis. What was weird about this particular telemarketer was my caller ID showed my telephone number and my name! I know how to spoof both someone's telephone number and someone's name but I've never seen a telemarketer do it before. So now I have blocked my own number in case it were to happen again. Because I cannot call myself from my own number it will do no harm at least that's what I think.

You folks probably know that after all the years I've been using a computer I cannot type except with one finger. It used to take me forever to type a post on Bill'sView but now I've been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the last couple of years. I had version 11 which I obtained from PB but for some reason it was making more mistakes than it used to so I thought it was time to make a change. If you read some of the blogs in the past you probably found mistakes I did not correct. I'm finding I have to go through everyone and correct mistakes rather frequently. This is being typed with my new Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12.5 which should be more accurate and has more commands available to me. When I get through with this dictation all read it to see if there are mistakes.

My old Dragon version could not tell the difference between "when" and "win" or "no" and "know" as it should do by the context of a sentence. Thus far this version seems to be doing rather well - I've not noticed any mistakes yet. I can give the various commands to the extent I probably can learn to use my computer without ever touching my keyboard or mouse. That's not my purpose - my purpose is to avoid having to type letters, blogs, forms, etc. I spent about two hours installing the new version and much of that time was used to train it. The more I use it the more accurate it should become.

Today the tower (computer box) for Bridget's gaming computer arrived. I have not taken it out of the box yet but plan to do so probably tomorrow. It was an overcast rainy day in Vero and if I'm going to work on a computer I need all the light I can get. At my age I need plenty of light and glasses to see what I'm doing. You'll remember I mentioned I didn't want to assemble this gaming computer because the parts are expensive and I was afraid I may damage one. The two people I know that have assembled several computers both told me I could do it with ease - easy for them to say. But when I found out that the instruction manuals that were rather thick had so many pages because they were in 17 different languages I discovered there wasn't really much instructions at all. Most of these instructions were pictures and not text. So tomorrow I'm going to take a closer look to determine if this is something I want to undertake.

Thus far I have resisted buying new toys even though there are some great bargains out there. I really don't need any new toys but I did buy a a new external hard drive knowing that I'll eventually need it to hold my digital media. At the moment I have 12 external hard drives holding movies and TV series. They are all the small portable ones which do not need a power supply. The new ones I'm buying use USB 3.0 although I don't think that makes a difference with my media player. Did I mention I left the media player with my cousin Alice the Baker? I don't think she's tried it yet because I'm pretty sure she'll call me when she does. She told me she didn't want one but I think she very well may change your mind when she sees what it can do.

After Thanksgiving I had several Tupperware containers full of leftovers. I put portions in my vacuum seal plastic then into the freezer they went. I now have enough frozen vacuum seal containers to feed me for several weeks. I really love my vacuum seal device and my only regret is I didn't buy one sooner. I did give one to Alice the Baker just before Thanksgiving as a gift I thought she would use.

I've downloaded two different screen capture software programs so I can record whatever is rendered all my monitor. Most of the time I can download the video file directly from the source except I cannot do that with ESPN. Surprisingly I have purchased product keys for both programs because the year old versions were so cheap and for my purposes will work perfectly fine. I've not installed either one yet and when I do I may install it on the other hard drive in my computer. I'm always using my solid-state hard drive but I do have a 2 TB Western Digital hard drive installed in my computer as well. It has an operating system on it so I can boot it if I wish but I use it as a storage device - I can easily move files from the two hard drives at any time.

Well, how did Dragon do?

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