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The Weekend

Mon 01 December 2014

It was a rather exciting weekend around here. First of all, I still can't get over the exciting end to the Georgia - Georgia Tech football game on Saturday. I know as I get older I cannot watch these games anymore because I'm liable to have a coronary. When Georgia Tech scored the tying three points by kicking a 54 yard field goal with only 2 seconds left I was in total disbelief! This always happens to UGA not to GT. Then when Georgia Tech scored a touchdown in the first overtime but had the extra point blocked I just knew that Georgia would score a touchdown and make the extra point. That's how it always is except this past Saturday Georgia Tech intercepted the ball on the goal line to in the game. What an exciting game it was particularly in the last 60 seconds.

This coming weekend Georgia Tech gets to play Florida State University ranked #2 in the country. Forget the rankings for just a moment, FSU just has a good team and seems to pull it out at the end of every game. There is only one game this entire season when FSU beat their opponent by more than six points. This does give me a glimmer of hope because GT has a good type of offense which FSU has not had to face this year. GT runs the option keeping the ball on the ground most of the time. The secret will be to keep the ball out of the hands of FSU's offense. I'll not get my hopes up and be just totally shocked if GT wins like I was this past weekend.

On Saturday night around 11 PM I was in the kitchen and looked out my window to see some big guy pounding on the door of the upstairs apartment behind my house. This guy kept pounding for several minutes and was yelling obscenities at the same time. No one came to the door but my best guess is no one was inside. I have no idea what this was about but rarely do I hear anything outside of this house because it is so well insulated.

On Sunday morning two deputy sheriffs came to investigate. You can see the poor image I took outside of my kitchen window. They too failed to get anyone to answer the door and my belief that guy has gone. There was a young man that looked like he was going to college and even appeared Polynesian to me. He's had a couple of girlfriends and I know they tangle with one another. I'm baffled as to why some big burly white guy would come beat on his door at 11 o'clock Saturday night? Maybe I'll find out in the future.

Amazingly my Comcast speed has been higher than usual in the last two weeks or so. I paid for their "extreme" package which allegedly provides 105 Mbps although I rarely hit that high. I usually was in the speed range between 50 and 90. Look at the image of the screenshot I took over the weekend. This was not just a fluke because it has happened on several recent tests. Online I read that Comcast is increasing their extreme package in the future and have already done so in four states. Some forums suggested they may be testing speeds which is why mine is higher now? I do know one thing about Comcast that continues to increase and that is my monthly charges!

On Thursday night as I was leaving the Barnes residence it was not late but it was dark. I managed to clip their black mailbox with the passenger side mirror of my car. The mirror came out of the encasement but did not break nor was the encasement bent or damaged in any way. I tried a few times to "pop it back in" but I didn't know the secret. This morning at eight o'clock I took it to Joe's paint and body shop and they were able to repair it in just a few minutes. I am rather confident that if I had continued to try and repair I would've at least broken the mirror and maybe the motor that controls it. The man I deal with there did not charge me so I sent him an e-mail when I got home offering to help with any computer or laptop he has without charge.

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