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Fri 11 June 2010

Of late I've not been spending as much time working on computers like I did just a month ago - I've sort of given it a rest. In part, I've not had as many pleas for help and in part I've not got a current project. Having said that, I bet I'll get a project just coming out of the blue soon.

Today I'm going to work on the computer belonging to the folks who do my housekeeping. As I mentioned the other day, Charlie's machine seems to be using 80% to 100% CPU all the time. I now have the computer here in my office so I can do everything I need to do. Charlie said he reinstall the OS via the repair console but it still uses all that CPU for no apparent reason. Actually, I can now tell he did not do a clean install but a repair which now has some old programs not working at all. I think I'll do a "clean" install today because IO think he may have a rootkit or some other nasty thing still on his machine - I'll know later today.

Today I'm taking Starr to lunch at the Ocean Grill - now school is out, she can actually go to lunch. I've not been there in months - Starr says she has not been there in years. Those of you familiar with Vero know all about the history of the Grill - heck I went there prom night in high school. I know ...you're wondering how something that old can still stand, huh? Well I'm still standing so there!

I decided to watch a movie I downloaded - "From Paris with Love". What a GREAT movie - I really liked it. The movie had all the action, international intrigue, terrorists, suspense, and actors I like. John Travolta was the lead actor - he's also a favorite actor of mine. Travolta could take out a half a dozen Ninjas (all had automatic weapons) by himself and his pistol. How people firing automatic weapons can miss so much is beyond me except that's how it works in the movies. This movie was a winner IMHO.

It was time to have my car detailede again - I do this about every 4 or 5 months. The detail guy, Steve< drives his equipment over to my house and does the work here. He does an excellent job. He's cost competitive with the "big car washes' but he does a better job - I've tried both. Having him come to me is a bonus as well. He's a one man show but he works really hard for about 2 1/2 hours to detail my car inside and out. Good guy.

You know what time of the year it is, don't you? It's fruit season for some of my favorite fresh fruits. I love peaches and melons along with grapes, plums, etc. I tried some peaches but the season is too early - peaches are been picked before they are ripe enough for me. The melons and grapes are good and of course I can always have bananas and apples. I love fresh fruit - maybe that's how I got my family name.

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