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Visitors Yesterday

Fri 04 June 2010

TGIF - even though I don't go into an office now, I still can sense the week and it continues to remain special. Many of the programs that I like but come on after my bedtime show a re-run on Saturday mornings. I also tend to watch a couple of movies and a few British mystery episodes. I usually don't go to my coffee group but all the same I can't sleep late - I still wake up early.

Yesterday was visitors day here at mia casa. After lunch Tom & Mary Ann dropped in for a visit while they're in town - I think they leave today. I mistakingly though they were going to wait until father's day weekend to return. We had a very nice visit although Sally cat followed Mary Ann around - she's allergic to cats. They did mention a brief Key's visit is not out of the question if all the stars align just right.

Next my house keeping people came over to drop off an infected computer. I found the very nasty Koobface worm. I'm scanning the machine now with Malwarebytes but if need be, I'll manually pull the nasty worm out by it's roots. This virus - worm is the most prevalent virus - worm - trojan on the internet today. It is very sneaking trying to sell you a fake antivirus program and steal your ID, passwords, etc. I'm not sure what I'll eventually end up doing but that's my current project.

TB came by after work at the very time we were having a raging thunderstorm. I'm always happy to give sanctuary in dangerous times. We talked about the Keys of course - TB is still intense about getting everything ready. Jeez! I think he's been getting ready since the end of March. When we first get there only TB, John, and I will be at The Palms. Of course John is likely to snag a few babes from next door or the Tiki hut. Tommy likes to cook so I bet we all will be fed well.

I went to Dr. Director yesterday mainly just to check in and get new scripts. I've learned to call the pharmacies ahead of time to make sure they have the pills I need. Yesterday they did not have enough but said they would by noon today - I'll call before I go all the same. We decided to keep everything as it is for now. You know me, I'm addicted to "more" so I think it is prudent to keep on the same path until something changes.

In the next hour, my young coffee club buddy wants to come by to talk. Even the young can recognize my wisdom on all things. They also recognize I'm full of crap too!

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