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Fri 23 April 2010

So what have you been up to you ask? My days continue to be filled and at the end of each day I wonder where the hours went. There's not been anything particularly unusual this week but here it is Friday already. I used to not like weekends because among other things my regular 'scheduled' day is different - no Rush in the afternoon for example. But now I've discovered things I like to do or watch on the weekend so I now like weekends. Of course when I was working, I usually loved weekends.

Since I downloaded the first full season of "24" last week, I've been watch about two episodes per day - more than two just doesn't seem as much fun as waiting until another day. I'm up to about 5 PM on the first day and I now have a greater understanding of the series. First, I still like the series which is not always the case on other series. It is painfully obvious to me that Jack's daughter is a real dumb ass! She continues to do really stupid things putting her mother and father into more danger. Also it seems that about 50% of Jack's department are already dead - they seem to get knocked-off at an alarming rate. They too seem to act rather stupidly given the fact they know people are out to kill them. I'll watch some more today and this weekend.

My new "thing" is to download an ever increasing library of TV series I like or series I think I might like. For example, today I've started downloading "24" season 7 - I've already got 1-6 on an external hard drive. The 24 series is the only 'American' series I've been downloading - the others come from the BBC. The British mysteries are just great IMO. The trouble is most files I want to download take 24 to 48 hours to complete - it's not my internet speed as much as it is the availability of the files I want and how many other people want the same files at the same time. Torrents are just different than regular downloads.

There is one site which only has British TV & movies but u8nfortunately it is "closed" to new members and new members need to be invited by present members - they have a limit of 100,000 total members. I wanted to join this site because they have everything British I want with quick downloads but alas I was not a member nor did I know anyone who could invite me. Then shazam...the site temporarily opened when they did their annual "pruning" meaning they dropped inactive accounts. I was at the right place at the right time which permitted me to join in this small window of time. I'm a very happy camper but there is work to do.

The site has a whole slew of rules and regulations you must follow to stay a member. The biggest rule is you have to maintain a certain upload ratio based on your downloads - in other words, you can't take a download and run without unloading at the same time. Frankly, I do this anyway because I appreciate the people who made my downloads possible. The trouble with this site however is because their membership is so limited, there may not be a request for the files I have thus even though I want to upload, there are no requests. I download season 4 of A Touch of Frost about 36 hours ago and no one has unloaded from me - this yields a piss poor ratio of 0! Hopefully someone will want the files I have in the next 28 days or I'm banned. Also, I'm now limited as to about one other download before I'm blocked. Jeez! This is a great site but hard to confirm with the rules even though I want to do so.

This week I installed a video cam and the Skype program for Lina - now she can video conference with her friends and relatives on Skype. I just got a new cam myself - my old one didn't like Windows 7 - but I've not installed Skype yet. Or should I say I've not reinstalled Skype after it got lost in a system restore last weekend when I was working on my Windows update issue. Perhaps I'll install it today.

TB came by this week to scheme with me about getting all his 'stuff' to Islamorada. We're talking about the red truck, scuba tanks, his grill, etc. There would not be a problem except he's not got any drivers to help. His sons will be in the Bahamas and I've got John to drive me. What to do? I think I've figured it out but as yet I've not told Tommy - no worries, we'll get it done.

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