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Tone Deaf

Sun 24 January 2010

Yesterday I took Captain Matt's old college computer I refurbished and upgrade to Starr to replace the all but useless computer she has been using. With years of junk on it from John & Alec, Starr's machine is slower than molasses in the mid of winter. I'm sure it's full of crap, viruses, malware, and God only knows what else. It would take over a minute just to open a file. Now that both John & Alec have their own laptops, I thought the humanitarian thing to do would be to give Starr a clean machine on which she can do her work. Initially I just transferred the files on which she needs to work and installed the drivers for her HP printer. The printer drivers did not want to install but after disabling the AVG security suite in "systems" I did get it installed. Once she's used it for awhile and believes she wants to continue using it I'll transfer the rest of her files. Then with her permission I'll take the old machine to clean it up for the next person needed a computer.

My car detail guy came yesterday and as before, did a great job on my car. It looks like a new car and if I keep having it detailed it will continue to look like a new car. Steve really knows his stuff although he has a bit of a problem with punctuality - no worries, it's worth the wait.

This morning I watched the Sunday political talk show just to see what sort of spin guests would put on the win by Scott Brown in the Senate race. Obama sent 3 of his top aids to cover ABC, NBC, and FOX on these shows. To my astonishment, the Obamaites still don't get it - they think the people of this country still want what they're selling but are simple unhappy with the process. Wrong! People don't want anything to do with the massive government takeovers and terminally disastrous health care bill. People are sick and even scared of the huge Obama deficits and out of control spending in Congress. To make a bad situation even worse, all three White House goons once again blamed everything on President Bush who, by the way, has not been in office for over a year now. Obama refuses to take any blame for the double digit unemployment or soaring deficits - it's all Bush's fault!

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid totalitarianism-style of governing is a failure and totally rejected by the American voters. I'm baffled as to why they don't attempt a change in direction for they expect support for us common folk. Are they that stupid and tone deaf ? It will be interesting to see what happens in the common weeks and months before the 2010 elections in November.

My Comcast e-mail account is still broken - if you wish to send mail use billcherry(at)gmail.com. I'm getting rather pissed off now at the failure of Comcast to remedy my problem which they caused. I'll report when I get it back assuming I do get it back!

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