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Fri 22 January 2010

First, for those of you who are desperately trying to get in touch with me via my Comcast e-mail account I sadly have to report it still is broken. If you send a mail, you likely will get a "box is full" return even though there's nothing in my e-mail box at Comcast. I've called 3 times since Monday morning and each time I got a different service rep who could not help other than submit a "ticket" on my problem. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be a general problem but instead one unique to me at the moment. I say that's bad because I'll have to get into the queue with others who have a singular problem. I think it can be fixed but I have no clue as to when.

Starr & Alec came over yesterday so that Alec and I could boot his new laptop for the first time. All went very smoothly as expected - Alec is of course not new to computers. Have you noticed how much stuff the manufacturer wants to sell after you buy your computer? Many of these offers seem good and without experience these offers almost seem essential to have for your shinny new computer. The truth is they are not needed and there are many much less expensive alternatives if you did want one. Alex was very pleased with his laptop.

I've completed the project I've been working on for about two weeks - some of that time was spent trying to learn how to do something I did not already know. This learning as you go process is how I've gained the knowledge since my first computer purchase 7 years ago. My brain is so full of totally useless information I can't keep on adding information I do not need. I wish I could defrag my brain to purge the volumes of esoteric information.

Starr is going to come back this morning to bring we goodies for my belly - beef stew & fresh grapefruit. She tells me Alex and some friends went to Orlando last night at 10pm to listen to some band. Never ever in my life did I leave at 10 pm to drive 100 miles just to listen to a band. I don't know anyone who's done that either. Sure, I might have driving to West Palm for a concert but that was in the day. Young people today certain are on a different path as they grow up then the worn (and they would say boring) path my generation took. Oh, well.

The guy I use to detail my car was to come over this morning but alas it's raining now. We could use a little rain and my car can wait a day or two. The guy I use did a wonderful job the first time he detailed my car in September so I'm hoping he'll do the same great job. Having someone come to you is nice, very nice.

Now that I'm basically done with my project, I think I'll go watch some TV before I start another one.

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