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Another Migraine

Wed 06 January 2010

I've had a level 3 migraine which started on Wednesday morning and is still with me now - it is 5:30pm on Wednesday. I've had two take two of my strongest pain meds during the day but maybe that will be it. If things go as they usually do, I'll be over this current event by noon tomorrow. Reports to follow.

The major project I mentioned a few weeks ago is now back in full swing meaning I'll probably not be as attentive to my daily updates for a few days. This project is to build a 25 page website from images I've been given - usually I just start from scratch so this is an all new challenge for me and I love it. The BIG deal is to get the home page just like my 'client' wants it and then use that as a template for the rest of the site. The biggest problem thus far is he wants a gradient background with a smooth transition from side to side and top to bottom. Unfortunately, a gradient background is an image which means it will render differently on other computers based on the screen resolution of the monitors being used. Unlike a regular image, a back ground image expands or contracts to fit the screen and with a gradient image unsightly lines may appear. I've spent most of the day on the background but I've decided to stop and start fresh tomorrow.

When completed, this will be my biggest project to date and I'll have learned some new techniques in website coding - this stuff is fun for me. Additionally, I like the guy I'm trying to help so I'm willing to take what ever time it takes to get it right. When I breakdown my compensation based on the hours I spend I'm not sure I'll get to minimum wage! However, that's not the goal - the goal is to learn and have fun completing the project. Just wait, you'll see.

It's been colder than a witch's titty in a steel bra for the past few days and will remain cool. I wanted cooler temperatures so I got what I wanted. My HVAC system has been running almost constantly to keep my house warm - there have been record lows recorded for some of these days. Starr said she couldn't get her house warm enough so I loaned her my two ceramic heaters I used back in Atlanta. Even my urban outdoors men buddies have had to come in out of the cold. Oh well, it sure has been nice.

I've been continually download torrents of Midsomer Murders and the "Lovejoy" series from the BBC. I've got one season let to get on Midsomer murders and 3 seasons on Lovejoy to get then my collection of these series will be complete. I may go watch one episode now rather than watch all the political crap on TV.

Georgia Tech lost last night to Iowa - the Yellow Jackets couldn't score against the Iowa defense. Last night, Iowa was clearly the better team. Oh well, I'm still most pleased with Tech's record this year and there is always the 2010 season only 9 months away!

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