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It's 2010 Already!

Fri 01 January 2010

My how time slips by as you get older - yet another year has pasted so quickly. I've wondered why that is because when I was young, years went very slow - maybe I was waiting for Christmas all the time. Actually, as you get older, each passing year represents a smaller part of your entire life. When I was 10, a year was 1/1oth of life. But when I was 50, a year was only 1/50th of my life and thus each year you get old represents a smaller time span compared to the years you lived. I think this is why years go by so quickly as we age which by the way is better than the alternative.

It's been two weeks and two e-mails since I asked what I thought was going to be a new website client for information and opinion. It could be he's just busy with the holidays and work but I'm thinking he may have decided to go elsewhere. That's his right of course, he has no obligation to me in any manor what so ever. I've learned a good bit of things since I started the project as it relates to a Powerpoint file - learning new stuff is fun for me. Perhaps he didn't want to pay my standard fee referring to find someone else who claims to be able to meet his goals for a smaller fee. As you folks know, I do this website stuff because I like it not because I'm paying my bills with it. The only thing I would have liked is he telling me no thanks if he decided to move on. I'll be able to tell of course because I know what the site looks like now so I'll watch for changes.

Many of you know Marilyn back in Atlanta and for those who don't she is a friend I met through Wendy. Her profession - design work - was hit like many others in the last year but two days ago she told me she has a new job. She also has a name she'll use with respect to her design work - SpecSolutions. She asked me about getting a 'business' e-mail address and maybe even a very small website - she came to the right place. In the last 36 hours I hooked her up with a URL - specsolutions.net - and a business e-mail address - mpaulson@specsolutions.net...she is most pleased. I was happy to do it for her and in the process save her a good bit of money as compared to using an online site for the things she wants. She will be shocked when I tell her how very little it will cost for host server and e-mail addresses. The next thing is do put together a small site for her which of course I'll do for free. For those who know her, send her an e-mail at her 'business' e-mail address she'll love it.

Yesterday I was looking at the pictures of the year in the online Press Journal one of which was a picture of a guy holding a tarpon he'd caught - a 200 lb. tarpon. For some reason, it occurred to me I'd like to put Drew's face on the guy who actually caught the fish. Have a look at today's image - what do you think? Once again, I love the learning process of how to create such an image. Although I have Adobe's Photoshop I still don't know how to use it so I used Paint.NET which I've used for years. I'll get around to teaching myself how to use Photoshop one of these days - it is very complex.

I got a new Samsung external hard drive that is very highly rated and was offered at a price I could not refuse by Newegg.com - I use this online store as one of my 3 online sources for stuff. BTW, the other two stores I use are Buy.com and Amazon.com. Here's the kicker...it is a terabyte hard drive! Why so damn big you ask, you can't have that much porn you ask. Well, I've found that the movies and TV series I've been downloading take up a lot of space - the Midsomer Murders will be over 65 GB once I've downloaded them all. Plus, I think I want to store everything which formerly was in "My Documents" to the external drive so as to free-up space on my computer's hard drive. Really, it was a great deal which I just had to buy - you know how much I like to shop!

Today is the granddaddy of college football games so of course I'll likely watch a some of them. Georgia Tech plays in the Orange next Tuesday night at 8pm - I hate those night games.

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