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Cooler Here

Tue 20 October 2009

For reasons I can't explain, I slept longer over night than I have since....well, I can't remember. Could it possible be that it cold cool inside my house because the temperatures dropped to about 52 overnight? It is true that colder temperatures do cause you to be drowsy but can these few degrees inside my house make a difference? I'm going to test that theory the next time it cools down overnight by leaving my heater either off or on a low temperature.

I hate calls to solicit money for anything - I'd rather get a letter than a call that interrupts whatever I'm doing especially a nap. A few weeks ago I made the BIG mistake of giving money to a Dick Morris Fund who's object was to stop the take-over of my health care. That was my mistake...I gave money. Since then I've gotten several calls asking for more money. Once you make the mistake of giving in the first place they will hound you to death. The only way to give money is through a money order that can not be traced back. If you use a check or credit card, they can find you and then call, call, and call again. In this case I asked to speak with a supervisor to demand my name be purged from their list. In the future, I hope not to make the same mistake - if I don't give, maybe they will not find me.

I watched a Spanish movie subtitled in English for a couple hours. It was a suspense-thriller type movie that got my attention. I will not bore you with the details - I personally don't like hearing the details about a movie someone else has seen. FYI..the name of the movie was "King of the Mountain" - I've not got a clue if you would hate it or love it.

I discovered an entry in my HijackThis log that looked suspicious so I tried to 'fix' it. Trouble is, it wouldn't go away until I did research which gave me some ideas to try. I found an entry in my start-up list that was not named - the entry was just blank. So, I removed it from the list and sure enough the entry went away in my HJT log. I was hoping this was the culprit which tries to access the internet but gets blocked by my Malwarebytes applications but alas it was not. I've still not located what is trying to "call home" but I'll keep on looking. Whatever it is, it's hiding really well.

As I was wandering through the Vero Beach sheriff's arrest log as I do from time to time, I discovered an 18 year old teenager was arrested for "Misdemeanor Open House Party". Huh? What the heck do you have to do to get arrested for that? What is a Misdemeanor Open House Party anyway? I wonder because TB & Kathryn have had issues with their next door neighbor, Party Hardy, for the noise he makes late at night yet he's never been arrested. So you can see my why I'm amazed at this teenager being arrested for an open house party. Was it too loud? There was no mention of underage drinking although it would not surprise me if in fact there was. And if there was underage consumption of adult beverages, why was that not listed? Sometimes I really wonder about the Sheriff's department priorities.

Starr said she and Alex had a great time visiting John in Tallahassee this past weekend. It was a great opportunity to show Alex what campus life is all about compared to IRSC. Plus I think they all missed one another even though John has gone away before. However, this is likely the longest time away from home and the beginning of what will likely be his permanent move from home. From my point of view, it would be great if John set up shop here in Vero after college but I predict that will not happen - opportunities are greater elsewhere like in Atlanta for example. Time will tell.

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