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John Resurfaced

Mon 29 June 2009

John resurfaced after being out of two with some of his buddies for a few days. He came by with two pints of that great ice cream from the ice cream shop over on the beach. The interesting news as that next week he and his 'band buddies' have actually paid for time in a studio to record 3 songs. Why you ask? I'm not 100% sure but in part it will be cool just to say you've recorded studio-quality music - don't you agree? I've not heard the music yet but I'm sure I will once the recordings are done.

John asked me if I cut take a couple audio cuts from a video on YouTube. What me? Of course I can figure out how to do that so I did. There were two segments in a video about 5 minutes long that he wanted and wanted these to segments separated - one was about 2 seconds while the other was about 6 seconds. Of course I already know how to get video files from YouTube but then I had to split the audio portion out from the video which I was able to do with a tiny free utility I found. Then I had to convert the file to an MP3 file which I was able to do online. Then I downloaded a video splitter program to cut the two segments out of the video file. The results were perfect if I may say so myself.

In the process I found that Windows XP has a built in video recorder. I found a short 'how to' video showing how to change the settings in your master volume control and then open the recorder. The recorder can be brought up by typing sndrec32 in the 'run' input box. I tried this way first but the resulting audio was poor - maybe I needed to adjust something but I couldn't find it. So know you know if you ever want to record anything you can hear on your speakers including streaming audio, music, etc.

My house keepers have not been here as scheduled. When I call, I get a recording saying there is a family emergency meaning they will not be here but I don't know for how long. Frankly my house stays in good shape so for me this is not a big issue. I've already cleaned most of what they would do although I did not mop. For now I'm planning on just waiting until they return assuming they do return.

I saw something on TV advertised I simply could not believe. It was a small putting green you place in front of your toilet while doing a #2. Who on God's green earth thinks this is a good idea for a product to bring to market? And who in the hell would actually use such a thing? Americans will buy just about anything but this is really over the top. To confirm I'm not putting you on, I've put a picture up today so you can see it with your own eyes. Jeez!

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  1. I'll buy it :)
    by poppa syp on Tue 30 June 2009, 01:54 pm