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Headache Day

Sun 28 June 2009

Yesterday I had a bad headache day requiring me to sort of lay quite from about 4 o'clock on - I was in bed before nine. I know it was a really bad day because the strong stuff was not working. I never felt good after about noon yesterday but here it is Sunday about noon and I feel fine. My guess is I'll feel fine the rest of the day because the worst is behind me I believe - at least for this episode. Yesterday I did not take one of my meds and today I did - I wonder if there is a correlation between my headache & not taking a pill? My gut tells me there is not a connection because I get these headaches from time to time no matter what including a long time before I even started on my present meds. Hmm!

Speaking of meds we older farts are taking, I got a call from a good friend about my age yesterday and we talked about meds. This person, who shall remain anonymous, has just switched a medication but is not seeing a difference yet. Well, it's only been about 2 days since the switch and many drugs take several weeks to fully make a difference. We both agreed that continuing to take the new meds is the correct thing to do. Heck I've been testing one of my meds a month at a time as to dosage and name vs. generic brand. I hope this work out for both of us over the next few months.

The Friday Fest was canceled because of rain - at least I think it was. The clues were...(1) it was raining (2) there were no cars (3) I didn't hear music. Too bad for the folks who worked to put this together or were going to display something. I guess there will not be another event until the last Friday in July and you know where I'll be then.

My uncle Harold called back to tell me the rain function on his weather station was not working so I went out there this morning to see what I could do. By the time I got there it was working although it was not working yesterday after my morning 'fix'. I think it will be ok now because once the station gets the signal from the sensor in the first place, it is likely to continue to work. I've not got a clue as to why it didn't work yesterday when we had that rain event.

Enough with the Michael Jackson nonsense! I'm sorry for his family and friends but there is absolutely no need to repeat the same old stuff 3 days in a row. Jeez!!

John is missing in action - neither his mother or I have heard from him since the middle of last week. Not that he needs to report in but it is unusual he's not checking in because that's what he does. My guess is he's been kidnapped by the same girl as usual and taken out of town on a drunkfest. I hope I'm wrong and there is a simple answer but I fear I'm right. Why be in fear you ask - sounds normal for a 21 year old, doesn't it? No. It doesn't. A 'normal' 21 year old should and would have told somebody where he was going if he left town. Maybe I'm wrong - maybe John is in town just not around. Time will tell.

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