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2010 E-class

Wed 24 June 2009

This morning after coffee I'm going over to my Uncle Harold's house to install his weather station he got for father's day. It's been a long time since I've done this so I may actually have to read the instructions. You know what they say, "If everything else fails, read the instructions". I don't anticipate a problem so we shall see.

Have you seen the new Mercedes E-class for 2010? Mercedes Benz changes their E-class design about every 6 or 7 years - the current design first came out in 2003 so it's time. My first MB was the was two designs ago, I skipped a design and then bought the one I know have. My first look at the pictures of the new design left me with a positive opinion and it will likely grow on me even more. You can still tell it's a Mercedes but it does have a newer look.

The reason I got my present car was because I liked the new design and I was tired of my older car - but I did not get the 'in between' model. There was nothing wrong with my car except it was just old kind of like I'm getting. I wish I could trade my body in for a newer model like say, Brad Pitt. My plans are to keep my present car until I get tired of it or a new design gets my attention. When I see the 2010 E-class in the flesh sort of speak, I might decide I like it. Even if I do like it, I'm a few years away from buying a newer Mercedes.

I visited with my gal-friend from high school, Charlotte Terry, yesterday about a young friend of hers that needs to come have coffee with me in the mornings. Apparently this guy needs support from others who have faced similar things as he is going through at the moment. Charlotte's plan is for me to go with her to visit him in the hospital where he ended up after some self-destructive behavior which I won't go into here. I'm not sure how open to our suggestions he will be but it certainly worth the effort.

For the first time in about two weeks we got a little rain yesterday afternoon. It was not much but something is better than nothing. It is too early to tell what today will be like and besides, weather here can change in an instant.

I'm still working on Kathryn's site - I found I needed to change some of the code for the pages to render properly both in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It's strange how the two browsers render things a bit different using the same code. The difference seems to come from the way the browsers read CSS files and not from the page file itself. To remedy the difference I just recoded each page to do what I wanted in both browsers. More detail would bore you even more I guess. I'm liking the look of her site and it damn sure is an improvement from the one she now has - I'll show it to you soon.

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