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Mon 22 June 2009

Damn I've been busy today and have not had time to post up until now - I just decided to take time. The morning started as usual with my coffee group but I had an impromptu meeting with a couple folks after the meeting. We had some things we needed to discuss before the regular business meeting next month. I made a decision to buy some things the group needs without having "permission" to buy these items. Sure as hell someone will think I didn't have the authority but it's always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. No one will have an issue with what I bought but some may think I paid too much. Well fine...then you go buy them next time. I spent the better part of 90 minutes on Google trying to find these things.

As soon as I got back, Cellist Mike had some updates and changes he wanted to his website. One of the changes was in his PhotoAlbum page I modeled after the one I have. He wanted me to add a navigation bar and limit the picture folders to just one. All this is written in .PHP but I did figure out how to inject some HTML coding for the navigation and to add the .CSS style sheet for this new menu bar. I think I'm done with the exception of making some links hot , titling each page, and adding META tags if Mike even wants tags added. I looked at the sites on his 'Links' page and for the most part none have META tags - what's up with that?

The lunch yesterday with Tommy and his sons was very enjoyable. We had fried chicken, black-eyed beans, rice, and poll beans. All this is the kind of food Tommy & I had as we were growing up. As kids, we always ate at home and never went out. Then again, that was so long ago fast food had not been developed yet!

TB asked that I go to a foreclosure auction for him because he's too well known in this community and didn't want to let anyone know he might have interest in the properties being offered. Frankly he doesn't seem inclined to be interested I think it is curiosity more than anything. So I was most happy to be his surrogate at the auction.

The auction was to start at 11 AM and it started at 11 AM - no waiting for courthouse employees. There were 5 properties to be auctioned - all but one were cancelled including the one I was to watch. The one property that was auction was sold in 15 seconds for $100 - I have no idea what that was all about. I'm thinking the person who holds the mortgage just bought the house but I'm not sure. What is interesting to me is these auctions are held several times a month when in Atlanta they were only held on the first Tuesday of each month. I'll go back again sometime - I might just learn something useful.

This picture was taken last year in Islamorada.

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