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Video E-mail Testing

Fri 12 June 2009

Of late I've been busy working on several projects and simply have not taken the time to post everyday - I missed yesterday. You see I wake up with some ideas with regard to a project and then I delve right into them without posting first. Then the next thing I know I'm tired and ready to veg [sic] in front of my TV. The next thing I know it's morning again and the cycle repeats itself. It is tough being me with all these creative ideas bouncing around in my massive brain. Stop it...I can hear you laughing now.

For example... someone I've helped in the past was interested in a marketing program called Talk Fusion. This is a new technology in that it allows videos to be played in your e-mail without first clicking onto another like - trouble is that only works for web-based e-mails and will not work if you heck your e-mail via an e-mail client like Outlook, MSN Mail, or even in Gmail. It does come with a well designed marketing package with target clients being businesses that wish to send out video promotions via e-mail. I looked into it and it seems the only other way to embed a video in an e-mail is through an animated GIF or this new technology.

My contact wanted to know what I thought so I spent a couple days of checking into it. First, there are already other competitive companies offering similar packages. One company I found offers a base package for free - free as in no money. The paid package at Talk Fusion starts at a front end payment of $400 and then $20/month - other packages go up to $2000/month. My view is that if a company wanted to use this concept, they likely already have a website and a web master who could create a video, load it to their server, and then send an e-mail with only one click required to open a video page - to demonstrate that, I've included a short video of me. If that is the case, why go through all the additional expense when this could easily be done in house? The Talk Fusion concept is being pushed as a business opportunity when I see it as a pyramid scheme - look at their website and you'll find out more about the money you can make than the product itself.

A good friend called yesterday about some things they were interested in buying off the internet which reminded me just how dangerous that can be. First, the product or service may not be at all like it is represented - fake products, copies, or out right lies abound on the internet. Then there is the issue of your credit card or banking security - is the product real but the site is only trying to get information which will allow them to empty your bank account or use your credit card? If it is a site that hosts items for sale by others - like eBay - how confident are Yo in the seller? On eBay there is some buyer protection but that is not true at all of other sites.

I once ordered a 'trial' of a product requiring me only to pay for shipping. I got the product - which did not work by the way - but without my permission or knowledge a 3 month's supply of the junk was charged to my credit card within a few days of the original order - clearly not enough time to actually "try" the product. Thankfully I used the best consumer protected credit card in the world...American Express. You see, AmEx goes to bat for the card holder, not the vendor. All other credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, etc. go to bat for the vendor, not the customer assuming the vendor, not the card holder, is correct. Any of you who've had to challenge a charge probably know what I mean! The whole point here is that the internet can be a very dangerous place to roam so be very careful. Then there are these phishing sites that's a whole other problem.

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