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Sun 31 August 2008

I've added a new folder to my PhotoAlbum called 'Islamorada-2008'. As you might guess I've put a few shots from this past Summer's trip to paradise - note there are two pages so you need to click on the next page navigation link. I have a ton more I did not post but I think this is a representation of the people and the activities of Islamorada 2008. My PhotoAlbum is a damn well designed page if I may say so myself. I did not write all the .php script but I did do a significant amount of editing to get it to look and function the way it does. Any comments on the pictures?

Tommy came buy for a short visit and update on his tree farm. The storm blew many of his Queen palms over or on an angle and they needed to be righted, trimmed, and stabilized with posts. He says a crew has been in the farm all week and it is still not done yet. The trees are salvageable and in fact may very well be worth a good bit more because Tommy is saving his trees while others either are not or can not save theirs - the old supply & demand will cost the price to go up. Same with fruit. Storms are terrible but those who make it through often do better than if there were no storms at all. Pleased don't miss-understand...no farmer wants a storm!

TB was driving Tom's little white Lexis to get it fueled, washed, and keep the batteries charged. That is a spiffy little sports car and of course I like white. BTW, when TB was here I showed him the pictures of him I'd edited - you know the ones I mean if your last name is Barnes. He broke out in a big belly laugh - it made his morning a bit nicer. With the storm problems and Tom's situation he's not had a lot to get him laughing of late.

Talked to son John yesterday as he was on the way home from the gym. His life is definitely full now with school, work, projects, gym, and the 30% of the day he spends eating. Damn that boy can eat a lot. When I eat a lot I get fatter - he just gets more defined and toned. Just wait, he'll get older like the rest of him and if any of you know his uncles he'd better be careful. John has his first test next week and still does not have the one book he needs for that biology test - I'd say it's time to get the book, what do you think?

One thing that he told me about I think is dead wrong, wrong, wrong. His political science teacher is giving extra credit to those who go to a demonstration against the war. She should keep her damn opinions out of the classroom and stop trying to inculcate the idea that this whole thing is bad. You may or may not think the war is bad but teachers are suppose to teach facts not encourage their political opinions in my correct opinion. I guess that is the problem I have with a "liberal" education instead of a engineering or science education. In what I studied there were right and wrong solutions put in political science and the humanities there often are no right answers, just opinions. You know what they say about opinions, like pieholes, everyone has got one. My world of engineering and science is black & white; liberal arts is nothing but dingy gray.

I love college football and watched parts of games all day long yesterday starting with LSU - ASU at 11am. I didn't sit through any one game and tended to watch only those in high definition - most were in HD by the way. So I'm a happy camper with college football for the next 4 months.

Here is a picture from the Day of the Lobsters I just got from Matt's camera. Matt seems to be crawling in lobsters.

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