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Tech's New Uniform

Sat 30 August 2008

After coffee I went to Lowes to pick up the ladder and a also bought a nicer stool for my kitchen that will fit under the small table. The ladder fits well in my storeroom when it is in it's compact figuration. I'll likely give it a go over the weekend using it to access my roof. I've got some vent pipes I may want to use to attach a small pole with either my weather station sensor or my scanner ground plane. True, I do have a much taller (20') pole that I was planning to use and still will for one or the other if not both. I don't believe an attachment to a vent pipe would be strong enough to stand storm winds.

It was really humid here yesterday - I worked up a bit of a sweat just lugging the ladder around. It is a bit heavier than some large aluminum ladders or certainly fiberglass ladders but it stores well. After all, I'm not going to move it farther than a few feet from my storeroom anyway ( I think ). I've not been out yet today so I don't know how humid it is but soon I'll be able to give you an exact reading of the humidity, wind speed, and wind direction here at the Vero Villa.

I'm still very pleased about Georgia Tech's first win this year and I do not believe it will be their last. Since Thursday night I've been reading more and more about the team and especially the new head coach. I think Paul Johnson might have that fire you see in the best coaches and as such he might just take the Yellow Jackets to a good season. There I go again with my unwarranted hope that Tech will do better than just win one more game than they lose. For what it's worth, Tech did wear new pants with a sting-shaped design (see picture)down the leg Thursday night to go along with the new triple-option offense. A writer for the Atlanta paper said this:

Back then, the Yellow Jackets spent much of the day bumbling, stumbling and fumbling all over the field, making Atlanta traffic look like synchronized swimming. Many wondered aloud as to whether Tech's offense would be ready by the time the season got started Thursday.

Wonder no more.

When Tech came onto the field Thursday night, it looked like it had been running the offense for years, as if Johnson had the same kind of lengthy tenure as Penn State's Joe Paterno.

Oh if that were true I'd be a very happy camper down here in Vero.

In case any of you are wondering I like Sarah Palin as McCain running mate. She is one tough lady with a great story and is a conservative when it comes to reducing the size of government and government spending. The next few days will tell more of the story but for now I'm a happy camper - shit her experience far exceeds Obamamama's experience. Certainly not the "traditional" or "safe" choice but exactly what McCain might need to win. I'll report more when I know more but what I do know I like.

I'll be watching college football today - anyone surprised?

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