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Sloppy Lawn Work, But Tech Wins

Fri 29 August 2008

James came over early yesterday morning with a helper to mow and manicure my lawn. It really needed it as I'm sure is the case with his other clients. There in lies the disappointment in that he did not do his usual bang-up job. In fact, I got my blower out after he had gone to clean the yard of the mess he left behind. The top image is what my whole yard looked like before I used my blower - the bottom image is the 'after' shot. To be fair, he normally does a very nice job around here so I can easily over look what happened yesterday. He will be back next week to return to his usual weekly visit and I'll just mention what I think.

I've received the hardware necessary to mount my antenna mast either on the 20' pole or to the air pipes on my roof. If I put anything on the air pipes I'll have to get a new, shorter mounting pole. At this point I'm not sure which way I'll go and will not really know until I get my weather station sensors next week. In fact, I still have not returned to Lowes for the ladder.

I received my property tax estimate for the Vero Villa - property taxes are payable in either October or November here in Indian River County and the City of Vero Beach. As expected, my tax liability here in Vero is a heck of a lot less than the taxes I'd owe in Atlanta. It's only about 30% of what I paid last year in Atlanta which for someone self-unemployed with little income that is a good thing. The closes thing I've done in recent years that resembles work is jury duty. I didn't get on every jury I was called for in Atlanta when I said I listened to Neal Boortz and Rush Limbaugh. I may have said a few other things I shall not repeat here.

In case you have not heard, Georgia Tech rumbled over Jackson State 41 - 14. So what you say, who the hell is Jackson State? Fair enough - Jackson State has never been a great football powerhouse except there is one thing that does have meaning and it's their quarterback. You see, Jackson State has Ryan Perrilloux as their QB who was once one of the most sought-after recruits in the country and until this year the starting QB for LSU! He was going to be the starting quarterback for the defending national champs, but LSU, tired of his antics, banished him. So it would be fair to say that Tech went up against last year's best college quarterback but it does take more than just a good QB to be a consistent winner.

As usual, I find myself being optimistic about Georgia Tech's chances for a good season after the first game of the season. If they hold true to form, they will have a few great games and more not so great games plagued with mistakes, turnovers, etc. But there is this new coach, Paul Johnson, who seems to be full of fire - maybe he can put fire in the bellies of our Yellow Jackets? Only time will tell. I sure am glad college football is in season again. YaHoo.

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