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Visited by Starr & TB

Thu 28 August 2008

Last night I discovered my first burnt-out landscape light but as you might guess I was prepared. I have a back-up supply of the PAR 36 bulbs. In fact, I've ordered several different manufacture to see if there is an identifiable difference in the time they will last. This time I put the same Sylvania bulb back in but next time I think I'll try brand X from China. The Chinese bulbs cost only about 50% as much as the Sylvania bulbs which by the way are probably made in China too. The replacement was very easy I'm pleased to report.

Starr dropped by after a meeting with the people who hire for Vero Beach school teaching jobs. She did not get a full time position yet but her name is now in the mix and she has met with the big dog who's in charge of hiring. She'll continue with her subbing and tutoring until a full time position opens which may be after Christmas. You see the young college dudes and dudets sometimes find that teaching sucks and quit after the Fall session. If that happens this year Starr might be able to plug in to one classroom for the remaining of this school year. She is fabulous with kids and the school system needs more qualified teachers like her IMHO.

James the yard maintenance guy did not come over yesterday although he did call. It was mid-afternoon when he contacted me to say it was raining where he was and that it was headed my way. He was right - it started to rain about 10 minutes after he called and continued off & on for the next hour. James said he'd come by in the morning before the afternoon clouds could build up into another thunderstorm. My yard really needs a manicure.

Tommy stopped by on his way home to give me his farmer's update. Most of the damaging standing water has now been pumped out of his groves. He has also rounded up hundreds of stakes needed to up-right the Queen palms that where blown over or partly over by Fay. It is not easy to find a large volume of stacks after such an event but with his connections he pulled it off. Now he wants the ground to get dry enough for them to be functional. Being a farmer, any kind of farmer, is tough but most of you already know that don't you? BTW, TB did not have additional info from Atlanta but I expect some update today.

Here is a picture of the control unit for the weather station I ordered.

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