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Wed 27 August 2008

I got one of my headaches yesterday and was feeling bad as well as sorry for myself. Then Tommy called with some news that made my little issue pale in comparison to what someone we all know is facing. Funny how your frame of mind can actually affect the way you feel. All of a sudden I didn't hurt or if I did, it was not bothering me. With regard to the other thing, I'm not going to be talking about it here - if you are in the loop, you'll know and if you're not in the loop you probably don't need to know.

Later this morning I'm going to buy the ladder I mentioned yesterday then get up on my roof. I could choose to have my weather station sensors wired or run them wirelessly. The issue will be how to get the wires where I want the station. Why not just go wireless you ask? Well I might but my guess is wired is more dependable and less likely to get interference from other wireless devices like my phones, router, and some IP cameras. I'll know more when I actually get the station next week.

I have a Netgear 'switch' that I think I can hook my two wired computers and my router using the router as a wireless access point and not a switch. I come to find out that a router is a switch with a wireless access point anyway and that switches can be connected to other switches. So when I get the dedication required to start working on re-configuring my LAN, I'll have a go at it - maybe latter today? I love fooling around with this stuff usually not having a clue as to what I'm doing but going through the discovery process along the way. That's how I've learned 100% of what I know about computers and stuff.

John has started school taking 5 courses this time. He also be life guarding at a pool so he'll certainly not have time for much else. If he wants to transfer to another school, he'll have to first complete the associate's degree at IRCC - I'm all in favor of the course he has chosen - he needs to get his education so he can get a good job to support his mother & me in our old age. Someone is going to have to change our Depends.

I've been watching some of the political stuff on TV of late. I used to watch it all the time but I just got fed up to here with the non-stop bashing of President Bush by the hateful left wing liberals. Now it's getting close to crunch time so I'm wondering how things are going for the left and who Senator McCain is going to tape for his running mate. I like Mitt - he looks & acts like a President with the experience to back it up. I voted for him in the Florida primaries but alas he dropped out. It's going to be interesting and for the first time this year I think McCain has a chance of winning. We shall see.

Today's image is of John practicing being a lifeguard at The Palms.

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