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Tue 26 August 2008

My housekeepers are here today - they have a vacuum cleaner that sounds like a Lear jet getting ready for take off. It has a very loud, very high-pitched jet-like engine...oops I mean motor. I always try to leave the house during that part of the cleaning but today I miss-judged and came back too early. These folks do a fantastic job and coming from me that means a lot - you know how anal I'm about cleaning.

I've got a new IP camera that works great. It uses the same software as my D-Link cameras and can be rendered on the same page as my VillaCams - I'd have to resize the page but I can do that easily. Now the question is how do I connect yet another IP camera to my router that's already full? I'm thinking I can use a 'switch' then use my router as just an access point for my laptop. I have an 8 port high end Netgear switch that has 4 ports of PoE ability. These PoE ports might be very nice with the IP cameras because they allow power to flow to the hardware via the CAT 5 cable. I guess I'm just going to have to do some testing, huh?

My new LaCrosse weather station has been shipped with a projected arrival of a week from today. I'm surprised because I usually get UPS deliveries in about 3 days. Yet another piece of hardware I do not need but it will give me something to fool around with - see what happens when you are old and unemployed?

I bought two 10' aluminum pools that are designed to connect to one-another for a antenna mast. I have a ground plane antenna for my scanner and I figure I'll be able to attach the wind sensor for my weather station to it as well. So now you know why I need to be able to get on my roof. I'll put up the antenna and sensors. The people I bought the poles from here in Vero - Bill's TV - didn't know how much to charge and 'Bill' is out of town. They wanted $10 a piece so I paid that but did mention I though I'd gotten a great deal. You see I think they should be more and told the people that. They said it was 'ok' because they'd been around for a long time so selling them was good for them too.Once and awhile a good deal will work out for me & a vendor.

Today is another sunny day - I hope my yard guy comes today - my lawn sure needs to be mowed.

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