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Sun Today?

Sat 23 August 2008

TB dropped by around 11:30 with a sandwich in hand - he decided to have lunch with me & sally at the Vero Villa. I had just returned from Wally World where I got a prescription refill and a few other items. The Wal-Mart parking lot had been changed into Lake Wal-Mart - it was tough to find a dry spot and then to make my way inside without having to go through water. I can walk on water but it was a problem for some especially those with walkers. No kidding folks, we have had a lot of rain.

For those who know about Tommy's bronze sailfish saga, I'm pleased to report it seems to be coming to an end. If things go as agreed, TB should have the magnificent bronze statue on or before September 21st. He has made a "settlement" with the guy that has created the piece and even though it will cost more than the original deal, it is the right thing to do IMHO. Tommy is getting a beautiful piece that is now worth a good bit more than he has paid. That's been the problem - the dude that agreed to the price under-priced it a lot in the first place. We are all hoping this does come to an end soon.

You know, I'm pleased with the guy that puts out fertilizer and weed control on my lawn & plants. He recognized that all this rain is going to cause mildew and fungus to go in my yard so he came by today to spray my yard. That is one of the advantages to pay him to come monthly rather than quarterly so that my yard & plants get what they need. I bet there are some nice looking lawns that may just sort of rot after all this rain. I think we had over 20" of rain where I live and more West of town.

It is a tradition to fish on the sea wall in front of the condo several different nights when we are in the Keys. All most without exception, a shark it caught every night. One night Drew hooked up to this larger than average bull shark which took him about a hour to land. You see he was using light spinning tackle with about 10 lb mono line. When you get a fish that weights 3 or 4 times the pound test of your line, you got to wear the fish down before you can bring it in. This was a great catch and a lot of fun for Drew. See the picture - click on it for a bigger image.

Yesterday we still had some clouds, wind, and rain but there were also brief moments when the sun came out. I think today should be a good day now that Fay has started to move away from the Treasure Coast. I sure need some sun to brighten things around here - this week of rain & clouds was depressing. In fact it looks like the sun may actually come out today - it's been a week since we've seen the sun. I'm ready for things to dry out and for the clean-up around here to be done. If I'm lucky James will be here to mow today and do most of the clean-up - up until now it has just been too wet.

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