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More Rain

Fri 22 August 2008

Just damn...yesterday was another rainy, windy day. Rain, rain, and more rain. Did I mention the rain? Things are so wet around here that when I save in the mornings mildew, not facial hair is what comes off. This nasty weather is getting to be rather depressing - where is the bright blue sunny skies? Maybe today will be the transition day into better weather?

To entertain myself I'm trying to figure a way to add another IP camera but there is a problem - my router only has 4 ports (as do most home routers). Two of the ports are being used by the two cameras on now - the other two ports are connected to my two desktop towers. So I'm thinking I might be able to use a Netgear switch for the cameras and thus only use one port on the router. I've been doing some online research which suggests I can do this. I think I understand that a switch uses unique MAC addresses but how can a single IP subnet be used for more than one camera? I've got another camera ordered so I'll see what I can noodle out next week.

I continue to watch the Little League World Series on ESPN. There is a real mix players from around the world. It's funny to see two guys both 12 years old standing next to one another with the first being 5'4" 110lbs. and the other 6'4" 220lbs. No, I'm not making that up - the Saudi Arabia team has a black guy that big. The point is there is a lot of difference in the size of these boys all of whom are either 12 or 13. You can just see the ones you think will be going to a 4 year college on a full scholarship and the ones who will not based on their apparent skill.

The elections here in Vero for 'local' offices are in full swing. What has surprised me is there is a lot more competition here for offices than I ever saw in Atlanta. In Atlanta, the black person won and there was usually only one black person running. Here there is a real mix and elections seem to have more impact in a small town verses the big Atlanta metro area. This is a small town and frankly at this point in my life is exactly where want to be.

My restless body syndrome seems to have gone away at least in the past 3 nights. I take a shower as usual but just before I go to bed I get in a tub of hot water for about 5 minutes. I know...you want to know why I just don't take a bath and for go the shower. Well I feel cleaner after a shower - stupid I know but true. Plus, I don't drain the tub because I may need to get back in it later in the evening at which point I just add some hot water to get it warm again. Maybe I'm through with this RBS (restless body syndrome) for now?

To brighten things up I decided to put my new comforter on my bed. I like it.

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