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Thu 21 August 2008

Drew has decide after coming back from vacationing from self-unemployment that he will take a job offered to him in Atlanta. I guess his new employer did not get the memo & videos of Drew I sent!! All kidding aside, I know he was anxious to get back to a full time regular job with things like a paycheck and benefits. I hope his health insurance covers maternity claims so that LaTisha will be covered. Damn I'm funny. Oh, and I'm glad he will start contributing to social security again because I'm going to need his support. I don't know the name of the company but I do know their business is building towers for cell phone antennas. Congratulations Drew.

So I went to my Internist yesterday to get the results of my blood work. The good news is all my liver functions are now back into the 'normal' range - the bad news is that a month in the Keys has caused my cholesterol to go up from my last test. The readings are still in the 'normal' range but were on the high side of normal and high for me. If I cut back to a half a gallon of ice cream per night and walk a bit more I'm sure the readings will come down. On the other hand, my blood pressure was 102/68 which means that my pipes are not clogged with cholesterol-creating gunk. Hmm...maybe I don't need to cut back on ice cream after all?

It rained and rained and rained all day yesterday plus we still had a good bit of rain. The issue here is flooding, not wind damage. Oh, there has been wind damage but now the biggest problem is too much water. Some places around here had over 20" of rain. TB came by to give me a report on the groves - some had fruit floating in the full ditches. There was some wind damage to his fruit crop and his tree farm. Later today I'm likely going to go with him to take some pictures for his insurance purposes. Things are not good but as TB said, they could have been a lot worse.

There is a conspiracy among the 'powers' at my coffee group - it seems they want me to be their new secretary. Of course it is an honor to be wanted but this job also requires a lot of work. It is a real job with real responsibilities. So I've thought about it deciding to let it be known that if nominated and elected I would serve. For all I know, there could be someone really wanting the job? Nothing will come of this until our next regular business meeting in September. Nonetheless, I know when I'm being drafted so I'll just go with the flow.

Well it is still sprinkling here in Vero with wind - but it seems a lot dryer today than yesterday. There is debris everywhere but nothing that can't be picked up by a homeowner in a hour or two

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