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Wed 20 August 2008

The wind blew and blew yesterday but other than a bit of damage to some plants I came out ok. There was a lot of rain and at sometimes it was hard rain. This is the first storm-like conditions I've been in for many many years - probably 40 years. Yes we have rain in Atlanta but never the kind of wind this rain had. And we have a lot of wind in Atlanta but usually there is no rain, just a butt-ass cold front coming through. When it gets light and if there is no rain - like there is now , I'll go survey the the Vero Villa. I think we still have another day of wind & rain left.

One thing all this rain has done is bring critters out of the ground. In the past 24 hours I must have killed 2 dozen bull ants I found in my house. That is about 4 times as many bull ants than all of the time I've lived here. When John was leaving my house on Monday even I pointed out all the bull ants on my carport floor. I guess they are driven above ground because of the rain. I don't see this as an ongoing issue but I will say they hurt like hell if you get stung by one.

I had the "surgery" on my back yesterday - the cancer was removed at least from this spot. I need to go back in two weeks to get the stitches taken out. I'm having to pay for all this because my medical plan has a $5000 deductible on it (that would be about 27 euros I think). My guess was close - it was $462 for the 15 minute procedure and I didn't even get any drugs! Oh well, it is my belief that taking care of these 'cancer possibilities' before they grow is the best choice to escape anything real serious from my skin cancer condition.

This morning at 10 AM I got to see my doctor about the blood work I've had done. I really don't know what to expect exactly - my guess is the reading will be high but not much different than it was 6 months ago. It seems to be the testing I've already gone through would have found anything that might be bad wrong although I may be on the first stage of a future problem? Tune in tomorrow for the results.

I had my first major power outage last night when everything went dark about 8:10 . I still could use my computer because I had a back-up power supply that would keep it going for 30 to 45 minutes according to the manual. Nonetheless I just shut it down and sat in the dark for about 15 minutes contemplating whether or not I should go to my generator power. I decided to soak in a hot tub instead but wait....there is a problem here....I have instant water heater that works on electricity so I had no warm much less hot water. After about 25 minutes I still had not gone to my generator thinking I might just go to bed when the power came back on. If it were earlier I'm sure I would have cranked the generator or if I got hot, I'd run it for sure. It was very nice knowing I had the option even though I did not use it.

Here is a picture from yesterday morning. The eye of Faye went past Vero into the Atlantic over Sebastian. This storm had a lot of rain and some areas are flooded this morning.

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