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Restless Body Syndrome

Tue 19 August 2008

Yesterday morning I went back to my dentist to have my mouth piece 'adjusted'. What that means is that the acrylic piece is re-shaped to make sure my 'bite' hits both sides of the piece at the same time. What was happening is the left side was hitting before the right side which might have been causing my sore jaw I sometimes have in the mornings. The jaw muscles 'work' to compensate while I'm asleep thus making me feel like I had a jaw work-out overnight. It could also affect sleep and give me headaches - or not. It is too early to tell but I'll be paying close attention over the next couple weeks. Heck, this might have been the source of my ear ache while I was in the Keys.

At 9:30 this morning I go to my dermatologists for my surgery. It is that spot that appears to be ok now but to make sure I'm going to have an area around it cut to remove any possibility of remaining cancer. I don't want it to be the source of some spreading cancer because I did not follow-up on this minor procedure. I'll be in and out in less than a hour so why not, huh?

It was cloudy all day yesterday and it looks like it will remain cloudy with periods of rain for the remainder of this week. It's all as a result of the storm called Fay. We are not expecting much here in Vero but we will know there is a storm in the area because of the wind and rain. More to follow.

This past weekend I had restless nights on both Saturday night and Sunday night: Sunday being the worst of the two. I had what I can describe as a restless tingling all over just like one has with restless legs syndrome except it was not limited to my legs. This has happened before and indeed has been worse in the past but I rather not get this damn feeling at all. The good news is there is a non-pharmaceutical solution - I just get in a tub full of very hot (as hot as I can stand it) for a few minutes. Then I go back to bed, sleep for an hour or a bit more then repeat the process. Once the restless, tingling feeling goes away I can go to sleep. I'm pleased to report that I only had to soak 2 times last night instead of 4 (or was it 5 ?) times like the night before.

John came by to have dinner with me last night. Actually he was coming for another TCA acid treatment but because it was around 6 I invited him to stay & eat. We had New York strip, potatoes, Caesar salad, and I had melon as well - I almost always have fruit with my meals. Dinner was great while we watched some of the Little League games and a hour long report on FOX news about Obamamama's history - tonight they'll do Senator McCain. As always, it's a pleasure to have John around.

Here's my dinner plate from last night - looks good, huh? Click on the picture for a bigger image.

We are having wind and rain from Fay here this morning but nothing bad... yet. The eye may come right over Vero. Have a look at my Villa Cam link.

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