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Mon 18 August 2008

Some folks who make minimum wage or just a bit above that are overpaid. I'd like to relate my shopping experience at Albertson's food market here in Vero yesterday morning. After shuffling Drew & Tb around to pull the boats out of the water I stopped to pick up the basics for the big blow headed to Florida. That would be bread, milk, cottage cheeses, fruit, and ice cream. While there I picked up two Glade house fresheners for the bathrooms. One was 'linen' flavored the other was 'fern & saga' flavor. The exact same box, size, the only difference was the flavor. Upon check-out, one rang up as $3.39 (which is about average) the other for $4.69. Huh? What's up with that I asked? The check-out clerk said it is clearly an error, called her "manager" over but the manager was dumbfounded and wasn't sure it was an error. She would not reduce the price to the 'correct' amount so I did not buy it.

Tell me...how does one become a "manager" and not understand there was a pricing error? We went back to look and the Glade products were marked $3.39 but she was still confused! Can you believe it? Jeez! Is it time for my racial slur now? Well, the manager bes [ sic ]getting her job because she is what she is I bet! You would think that even the government schools would teach one to identify an error such as this when you see it. This was almost as bad as my experience with Comcast's customer prevention department in the Keys!

As I mentioned, TB & Drew were pulling boats in preparation for a potential blow around here. We all agreed it doesn't look bad but TB - being Mr. Safety - wanted the boats stored in a safe place out at the Barnes Estate on highway 60. After helping his Dad, Drew is going to drive back to Atlanta so he can pee in a bottle tomorrow for a drug test. Although he does not have an offer just yet, he sure is jumping through a lot of hoops if they aren't planning on hiring him. I hope he gets what he finds a great job which by the way may be another one. As we say in our coffee group...when one door closes another one opens.

Yesterday I was just overwhelmed by this great athlete , Mark Phelps. I got chicken skin as the Dutchies would say watching him perform at a level never ever seen before at these Olympic games or any other in the history of the games. The dude got 8 gold metals and if he were a country, he would be 4th in total gold metals. Good God...can you just imagine what a well tuned body and mind this young man must have? I'm getting chicken skin again just thinking about it!

The Florida Keys are under a storm watch 0r warning with tropical storm, Fay. So I thought I'd post a more serene picture of the back country in the Keys taken a couple years ago.

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