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Out of Sorts

Sat 16 August 2008

A lot has happened in the past couple of days so let me bring you up to speed if I can. First, I was sort of out of sorts all day yesterday and except for my morning coffee meeting I did not leave the house. In fact, except to eat and go to the water closet, I didn't get out of bed. I had terrible stomach cramps and a headache most of the day. The stomach stopped hurting after mid-day but the headache was with me all day - sometimes more intense than at other times. I chose not to take anything except bed rest. I sleep for over a hour at least 3 different times during the day which for me is an indication that something is indeed wrong. I felt a bit of nausea as well but never got sick.

By the end of the day my stomach cramps were gone and my headache had lessened but had not gone away. I thought it best just to avoid pain medication unless it got really bad - I guess the sleep helped me through the worst times. This morning I still feel out of sorts but not as bad as yesterday - let's see what the morning brings - at least I don't have the stomach cramps.

Georgia Tech Jeff called to bring me up Tod ate on his employment status. As we know, he was leaving his current employer with a good package and looking at a couple other offers. He choose to stay in Atlanta with a small consulting firm rather than move to Charleston with a much bigger company - in the end the Atlanta job was the one best for him, Amy, and Sammy. They can stay in their house, Amy can keep her job, and Jeff can get in on a growing company with the hope of having an equity position in a year or so. I was reminded of when Mike left Texas Instruments to become the 3rd employee in a very young software company. Now Mike is the president and a principle in the company that has about 175 employees. I can see something like this growth pattern taking place in Jeff's working career if he decides to keep working rather than sailing the world.

Syp also called yesterday - I was real popular I guess. He brought me up to date on his & Sjak's house project. They've hired a contractor and hope to have the majority of the work done by the end of November. Trouble is there is always delays, bad weather days, sick days, supply days, etc that always seems to cause time schedules for remodeling jobs to take longer than expected - at least that has been my experience both here and in Atlanta.

John and Alisha came by for a visit early last evening - Alisha has not been in my house since it's been finished. The last time John brought here over was last Fall just as all the major work was being done. Naturally she was amazed at what we made out of the total mess that was here last year. Well...time and lots of money can work wonders.

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