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Dutchies' House

Fri 15 August 2008

Yesterday I got an e-mail from son Syp with an update on the new Arends' Estate in wooden shoe land. Syp and Sjak have closed on their house and like a good young family went deeper into debit with a bigger mortgage. However, it is true that most family's worth is built steadily through home ownership so I think this was a very wise move - besides they needed a bigger house to have more room for Yari's little sister when she comes. No, I don't know when that will be. No, there is not 'one in the oven' to my knowledge but I think it is a good idea.

For now all their time, effort, and money will go into fixing up their new old home. As you can see by the picture, there are some things that need attention. First, I think it would be nice to get indoor plumbing and electricity but that's just me. The smart thing was to by a house in a 'hood' they like that could use a bit of refreshing as opposed to buying a newly built or renovated house in a lesser neighborhood. At least this will keep Syp out of the coffee houses and pubs for awhile. BTW, I've uploaded some real pictures Syp sent to me in my PhotoAlbum - click on the 'Dutchies Villa' link.

I went to vote in the local primary yesterday. The 'official' voting day is next Tuesday but why fight the crowds? In fact, why hasn't 'early' voting been available in the past? Maybe it has in Florida but it was not available in Georgia except through absentee ballot. I had to walk all the way to the public library to vote - it was two blocks from my house. There is an advantage to live in down town Vero - going to the library, the court house, restaurants, the post office is all a matter of walking a couple blocks - I like that.

I got a call from the HR department for Indian River County about John - he used me as a reference. I told the caller I knew him well especially from all those porno films he made - just kidding folks. I could honestly say I've known him all of his life and of course gave him a glowing recommendation. Actually, I'm a damn good person to use as a reference because I know how to be positively persuasive in my response to questions asked or in my general comments. So if you ever need a recommendation, call on me - my prices are very fair.

Brother Drew dropped by for a visit and to borrow a pair of pants for an appointment he's going on with his Dad. It seems that my hot body is the same size as Drew and John - just is their body has muscle and my body has fat. Nonetheless, it is good to be able to wear the same size so I can shop in Drew's & John's closets for more stylish things. I may be an old fart but I like being able to wear things I wore in high school. Yes boys and girls...until I gave away a bunch of stuff before I left Atlanta I still had some things I had in high school! My God...what was I thinking?

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