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Squamous Cell

Thu 14 August 2008

I went back to my dermatologists yesterday for a follow-up on the spot I had removed that turned out to be a squamous cell. He looked at it and said the little scar looked fine and he could not visually detect any abnormality. However he said the type of biopsy he did usually does not remove all the cancer cells and thus there is a small chance it will grow back. The downside risk is squamous cells can spread and that could happen before it grows back where it is visible again if it grows back at all. So it seems I'm pretty safe but I made the decision to have surgery anyway. I can afford it and I'd hate to be battling some sort of nasty cancer because I wanted to save $500 or $600 based on the odds.

You see, this is one of the rare occasions I made an appointment out of my routine 6 month visits because it was bothering me. It is very rare that one of these skin cancer things bother me especially enough to make an off schedule appointment - this one did. I have a feeling about this one unlike others so I'm going to take the 100% safe route. It may be unnecessary but it's on my mind and you know how I can obsess on things. So next Tuesday I go in for the surgery - it should take about 30 minutes, I'll have a few stitches, and then be done with it.

I talked with TB at length on the phone about who I should vote for in next week's primary election for local offices. I don't know or know about any of the people running but I promise you TB knows. I have a list I'm going to care into the voting booth and follow his recommendations. After I've lived here awhile I'll get to know more about the local personalities. Tommy has lived here all of his life and is well informed about the local political scene. At least here I have choices - in Atlanta there really were no choices because I was in the minority in political association and skin color. If you were not black or at least a real left-wing liberal, you were not going to get elected in Atlanta. My Atlanta Congressman, John Lewis, is as dumb as they come and equally liberal but as long as he's alive he'll keep his seat. He marched with Dr. King you see - he has the record and quite frankly, he represents the majority of the voters in his district very well. I was just not in that majority.

So I've loaded Yahoo messenger on my laptop as per Wendy's request. She says it works better than Skype from over there in the UAE desert. One of the neat things I've discovered is their plug-in called Music LAUNCHcast - a online network of music similar to what Comcast offers. You can choose your type & style of music which plays almost totally commercial free. They have a station called 'Adult Alternative' which I love just like the one Comcast offers. Now here is the bonus I just discovered - I can connect the audio stream to my BOSE radio/stereo for just a fantastic sound. F*cking cool!!! The sound that comes out of my BOSE is fabulous. I'm a happy camper.

If any of you have Yahoo messenger and want to add me let me know - I'll only accept the first 100 requests.

Today's picture was taken on the Indian River's East side looking West at sunset in Sebastian (just North of Vero Beach about 12 miles but in the same county). Nice shot, huh?

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