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Wed 13 August 2008

Yesterday I got busy and didn't post. The day started with visits to my doctor's office and my dentist's office. It was time to have blood drawn for another liver function test to see how things have changed since that battery of tests I did last Spring. My readings were out of the norm but not so high as to give reason for great concern. If they are a lot higher now, then we need to pay much closer attention although the extensive testing before didn't indicate a cause of a problem. I go on the 20th to get the results of this test.

It was time to have my teeth cleaned and checked. The dental hygienists here cost $118 while the one in Atlanta was $80. I will say that the process here is more advanced, takes longer, and probably is a much better cleaning. I'm not sure why I go after all, I brush my teeth every Saturday night even if I don't think they need it.

The jaw muscle on the left side of my head hurts some mornings and/or my ear hurts as if I have an ear ache. My dentist scheduled me to come in next Monday to 'check' my night guard to see if it needs adjusting. It could be the mouth piece is causing me to grid or something. If the bite is not equal on both sides, then the mouth guard will need to be adjusted. I hope that is the case because the morning ache is a pain (pun intended).

Monday night I helped TB ferry boats and cars around upon his return. He had to launch the Cracker, then get back to launch Drew's boat, and then get back to get the Tahoe. I was the driver between Tulip Lane and the launch site - we got done just before dark. It is a real project to move all the stuff TB takes to the Keys and then bring it back again. I think he should just forget about it and ask his sons to do it. They are quite capable of moving and launching the boats as well as packing and unpacking then packing and unpacking again the things TB wants in the Keys. If we could just figure out how to get him to let go. If you are reading this and you know Tommy, then you know exactly what I mean. TB needs to stop obsessing and worrying so much and just set back while he can still enjoy his life with Kathryn, his beautiful home, and great toys. Believe me ... I know something about obsessing - shit I take medication for it for God's sake.

Also on Monday my housekeepers came for an end-of-the-Summer cleanup which included the regular by-weekly cleaning along with washing all the windows inside and cleaning all of my blinds. They said they really were pretty clean because I keep the house clean minimizing the dust. The only real cleaning need was in the Ares Sally Cat sits to watch out the windows. The outside windows were not cleaned because it was wet from the rain and Charlie was not able to come this time. I'll have the outside of the windows cleaned next time - they get spotted from all the rain and irrigation.

Later this morning I go to my dermatologist to have that spot checked where the cancer growth was removed just before going to the Keys. I would be surprised if he doesn't find other questionable spots after a month of growing cancer cells. Stay turned.

Here's a picture I took of Drew's lobster/dive team I took on day two of mini-season. You can click on the picture for a larger view.

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