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Settling Back In

Sat 09 August 2008

Things are slowly getting back to normal for me here in Vero. I'm not where I was before I left but I'm working on it. Strange thing but I've been having very restless, sleep-deprived nights since returning - I guess it is my smooth comfortable bed verses the old lumpy one I was sleeping o9n in the keys. The thing is I've been waking up every hour to two hours which means the sleep I am getting is not all that good. I hope and trust this will all settle down once I get used to a nice bed and quite from late night pool activities.

Well the Olympics have started - any of you watching? I watched about 40 minutes of the opening ceremonies but it was all the same damn image of the 5 lighted Olympic rings ...boooooooring! It did not get my attention so I found something I really like on ESPN - Little League baseball. There were regional Little League play-off's on which means one of my very favorite sporting events is about to begin - the Little League World Series. If you've followed my Blog over the years you'll remember how much I've enjoyed these games.

Which brings me back to something else I like having here...my BIG wide high definition TV set. The TV in the Keys was an old, much smaller analog set with a piss poor picture. I can really tell the difference now between an analog signal and a high quality digital signal. You sometimes forget how good things are until you lose them for awhile. I'm going to enjoy watching TV again.

With LL baseball coming college football must be just around the corner. The first Tech game will be on Thursday night, August 28th but I'm not at all sure I'll be able to get it. It seems ESPN360 will have it but that is for the internet and Comcast does not put ESPN360 on their network here in Vero. My cousin said it might be on one of the ESPN TV networks but I've not been able to find it yet. What a bummer - I was hoping to see the game and now it doesn't look as though I will. Just damn!

John came by yesterday for me to treat the wart on his hand again. He has a wart that will not yield to 'normal' treatments including the freezing thing. But you know me, I've got a drug or chemical for everything including this wart thing. We've been using the TCA 50% acid solution dermatologists use for removing skin things and for chemical peels. I use the stuff for suspicious looking pre-cancer spots in between going to my dermatologists which I will again next Wednesday. John & I both think it is working for him but will take a couple weeks of treatment to completely eat the wart off. He seems to be happy that something is finally working!

I talked to TB who is still in the Keys. He & Drew are going to Key West to the Mel Fisher museum today and will do their last dive on the Eagle tomorrow. Everyone will return on Monday ending this year's trip to paradise. It was fun and I learned something about myself I didn't know while going to my coffee meetings. After this many years I though I knew pretty much everything about my meetings but I might have been mistaken. Well it's better to learn than not know what you don't know, huh?

Here is a picture taken in the Keys just south of where we were staying

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