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Thu 07 August 2008

I'm back in Vero and I must say it's good to be back. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to paradise but it was time for me to return. This is the first time in 17 years that returning meant coming back to Vero - I like that. My house is still fresh and new - not old and tired like 900. My landscaping has grown a good bit in the month I was away. Things are good here and it feels like home.

The trip back was uneventful except for one thing - Sally kept crying much longer and louder than usual. She was trying to tell us something - she needed to poop. Will, I didn't know and even if I did, what was I to do. So when she couldn't hold it any longer, she pooped, I heard her scratch, and both of us smelled it. John pulled off on an exit, I got Sally out of her cage and held her while John got some paper towels to get the poop. We put a new towel in her kennel and when we got back in the car she went to sleep right away. Sally is getting used to traveling which is a good thing but I don't know what else I could have done about her needing to poop. When we got back she knew she was at home.

I got the mail that had accumulated at my post office box and I plan to let my postman know I've returned here. frankly I don't get much mail except junk because most all my bills are paid automatically or online; I receive my bills online as well. There may be a couple of 'real' mail pieces for me but that will be about it I think. Good...I don't like coming back to a bunch of bills to pay.

John was a real joy to have with me in the Keys; it is so easy to get along with him. Always ready to help, always aware of other's wishes, quite, and able to cope with my bullshit. I could see us going on an adventure like those Syp and I used to take. Trouble is I'm not the traveler I once was preferring to just stay at home with Sally. I sure am glad I did all the traveling and went on all those adventures when I really wanted to see the world. I've seen it now and as the saying goes, "there's no place like home".

I've done my laundry from the trip, bought some fresh fruit from Publix, and had my car washed and cleaned. Now I need to get my mail for the house, pick up a few new plants for inside the house, and fetch some items I had delivered to my cousin while I was gone. She has my LCD TV back from the repair and has a new printer-fax machine I ordered. My old machine stopped the fax function although the other functions work quite well. I need a fax feature.

Here's a picture of a storm I took on Islamorada's bayside.

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