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Heading Back

Wed 06 August 2008

We are headed back to Vero today after cleaning the apartment, packing, and taking care of a few things around the complex like distributing the goodies in our refrigerator. I spent over two hours yesterday trying to remove all the Sally cat hair she has deposited around the apartment especially on the comforter in my bedroom - she is one hell of a hair factory!

We had a wonderful dinner prepared by Mary Ann last night as sort of the 'Last Supper' while the core group was still in the Keys. We had a 'tapas' style dinner with a couple dozen different things accumulated from what Mary Ann prepared and doggie-bags from Bentley's, Lazy Days, and the Fish Company. What a treat to have a "taste of Islamorada" all in one setting.

It turns out that Drew is leaving for Atlanta today as well although he'll be back this weekend to help TB get all his stuff packed for the return to Vero. Tomorrow Matt heads out of town on a business trip but like Drew will be back this weekend to help TB.

I had one fishing day left so I tried my hand here on the flats in front of the apartments. John snapped this picture so I thought I'd post it. It's hell turning into an old fishing fart, huh?

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