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Dolphin Fishing

Tue 05 August 2008

Our early fishing trip got cancelled because of the strong winds and rough seas. However by early afternoon it settled down enough for Tommy, John,Drew, and John went out around 1 to look for dolphin. After about 45 minutes theey finally hooked up to one but only one. Later when they started to head in, they ran into some birds and caught 13 more so it was a good trip. John caught his first dolphin and although it was a 'schooly', it was fun catching on spinning tackle. It reminds me of the time I took Syp out when he caught his first dolphin. They are fun to catch and good to eat - the fisherman had dolphin on the grill last night.

John M had a problem with his computer connecting to my network so I got it from his apartment to see what I could do. Windows as not able to fix the problem but after awhile I got it connecting again. I know what I do so I can repeat my steps but frankly I'm not sure just which one of my steps resolved the problem. I just some settings, connected to my router via a cable, and rebooted. It was then able to work wirelessly once I disconnected the cable - go figure.

It was a nasty, windy morning but turned out to be ok in the afternoon in time for the 4 o'clock pool duty. Things are quite around here after all the departures this past weekend. John M. and Peachy are living tomorrow so our numbers continue to shrink.

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