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Mon 04 August 2008

Some of the boys and girls had a real blow-out their last night here. Some of what happened I did not hear about until after I posted yesterday. It seems that after dinner and several crowns a group went to Woody's to close the place down arriving back here around 3:30. All that was ok but it seems their arrival back was not a quite one. I can confirm it was not quite because the woke me up along with some other sleeping beauties. I just put ear plugs in then went back to sleep - what the hell, it was their last night here and I remember what it was like to party hardy. I'm not sure what others may have thought but I can guess.

Sunday was indeed a lazy day because everyone except the initial core group left for parts North. They have things called jobs requiring them to show up tomorrow.Only John & Drew are left here to put up with us old farts - the good news is they like each other's company and can do things together. In fact, I think there're going on a dive that Jeff & Amy told them about before they left. Maybe some fishing is in the cards as well.

We had a heck of a storm Saturday night with much of the day on Sunday turning out cloudy or at least overcast. I'm hoping we will return to the very pleasant, sunny days we've been having today and for the remaining days we have left. John and I are leaving on Wednesday or Thursday but I think Tommy & Drew will stay through the weekend. But today we all are going Dolphin/Sailfish fishing a little after 7 this morning. If the weather is too bad we'll come back but it's hard to tell until we get 'outside the reef'.

It was great to see everyone but I did learn something about myself that has changed a bit over the years. I've gotten to the point where I prefer smaller gatherings/groups as opposed to larger crowds. I also like quite - restaurants with a lot of noise, talking I want to avoid. Any place where I have to raise my voice I'd rather just avoid in the first place. Hmm...and to think I used to like crowds and loud parties.

Another dinner under the Tiki Hut

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