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Sandbar Saturday

Sun 03 August 2008

The whole 20-something crowd went out to Alligator to scuba and/or snorkel after lunch followed by a trip to the sandbar. They took plenty of beer and on a cloudless Saturday afternoon had a great time. Some got out scrubbing brushes to work on the Southport (make of TB's boat) before he has it 'trailered' back to Vero in about a week. It's better to get the growth off before you put it on the road for a 5 hour drive when it can get dried on hard.

I stayed around the apartment most of the day with just a brief trip to the Robbing Post (aka. the Trading Post) for some essentials. What ever you buy there costs 25% to 50% more than it would cost at Winn Dixie - but WD is 11 miles away and the traffic after lobster mini-season is horrible. Horrible I say. I did not want to leave the complex unless it was necessary - same for TB & Mary Ann.

Funny but when I've made a decession to go back I start to get 'prepared' for leaving. I'm cleaning the Sally hair, got a 'cold bag' to take some frozen items back, and ordered some things for delivery when I return. My whole attitude has shifted from 'resident' to 'visitor' knowing that we'll be leaving in a week. This is not a bad thing but up until yesterday I considered myself a resident. Hmm!

I took today's picture from my balcony yesterday afternoon. The woman had a guide in search of 'flats' fish like permit, bonefish, red fish, and even tarpon right in front of the apartments. It was cool to see this although I didn't see any fish on. Click on the image for a larger picture.

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